Many people give birth to pet and take a strong liking to him with all my heart.And it is not so important which of the pupils lived in your home: a parrot, a decorative rabbit, a cat or a dog, well, or anyone else - not the point.The main thing that your pet - the most intelligent, clever and unique.

Indeed, listening to breeders or "kotolyubov" amazed how diverse characters, habits and cute antics of animals.And as the people's eyes light up, telling funny stories about their pets!The animals have something to love.They say goodbye to annoying faults, especially when it comes to graceful handsome men and beautiful women - cats and dogs.They have, moreover, there is a lot to learn!Everything that makes your favorite cat, very nice.They can enjoy all the time, when he eats, sleeps, sports or just watching the birds, sitting on the windowsill.Dignity, self-sufficiency, grace ...

And you did not think of asking someone in your family the most important?That's right, the cat!Even a child can explain

why it is or is not being bought today, and he will understand and will wait, but only a pet can not wait.As they say, we are responsible for those who tamed.That's why the animal should receive all the necessary first.

animal longevity depends on genetic inheritance, but the quality of life significantly affect nutrition and care.

believed that a better chance to live to a ripe old age have a cat living in a confined space, but for them to be created special conditions:

  • free access to fresh air;
  • enough space for jogging and exercises;
  • a balanced diet;
  • vitamins.

And, of course, infinite love.Lifetime animal most likely depends on this important factor.Favorite, caressed the animal in his own happiness.And why start a pet at home, if not to love?Many owners talk to their pets and just believe that they understand them.

successful development of Veterinary Medicine - one of the reasons for increase in the average age of living domestic cats.Timely vaccination in conjunction with the caring, nourishing good food allows the cat to live at least 15 years.But this is not the limit.The duration of life of the animals, in this case - cats varies up to twenty years or more.Describes the case where the cats lived to 34 years.

Breed especially cats, obtained by plant breeding, in turn, affect the length of life of pets.Some of them are predisposed to certain diseases, for example, the Persians are prone to kidney stones and, knowing this, we must try not to provoke the emergence of the disease.Kitten on a regular basis is necessary to show the vet, who will make recommendations for the care of the animals, which in turn will positively affect the health of your pet.

on animal life expectancy affects overfeeding.Many like when seals acquire impressive size and weight.But before you feed the animal on slaughter, consider whether to overweight?With such a makeweight as heart disease and liver, arthritis, diabetes, shortness of breath?It is much nicer to see a healthy, active, smart cat, and not overfed, which, in addition to everything else, and have put on a diet, and this is more trouble, and stressful for the animal.It is better to stick to the rules and not to overfeed, to continue to not have to regret it.

average life expectancy of cats, depending on the breed

life span of a particular breed of cat can take approximately:

  • Siamese - 20 years;
  • Burmese - 15 years;
  • Manx - 20 years;
  • Maine Coons - 14-16 years.

Lifespan British cats with proper care, good nutrition and health of animals can be also from 15 to 20 years.This is assuming that the cats are living in different conditions, otherwise this stunning animals living in a street environment allotted only 4-5 years of life.Treat with love for your furry (or not) darlings, and they will give you a lot of positive emotions and rescue from loneliness.