Why does a cat sneezes?

My cat is sick: sneezing, coughing, some sluggish.Why is that?What happened?Why does a cat sneezes?For advice I turned to the vet.And that's what he told me.
reasons there may be a few.Firstly, it could be accidental entry of dust or small objects into the nasal passage of an animal.Secondly, it can be a disease.Moreover, and all sorts of diseases can be: infections, colds, cat flu.

The most common reason why a cat sneezes - an infection of the nasal passage: secondary bacterial infection or herpes.After suffering the disease in cats weakened immune system, so there are bacteria that cause sneezing.

What is most interesting is that the cat sneezes and coughs when her toothache.This feature is used for the diagnosis of the vets have baleen dental diseases.

Animals predisposed to the formation of polyps in the nose.And in response to the removal of foreign body from the nasal cavity begins a cat sneezing.

addition, sneezing cats is caused by dust and other substances in the air.Especially if your c

at - allergies.In cats, like humans, are asthma.And this disease not only considerably impairs the general condition of the animal, but also causes sneezing.If a cat sneezes, becomes lethargic, no longer seek the street, breathing with difficulty, it is all the symptoms of asthma.The cause of the disease may be a reaction to house dust, microorganisms and microparticles contained therein.

There were even cases where the cat sneezing very much, as a result of the examination they have established cardiovascular disease.However, it does not give the right to the vet say that sneezing - a sign of heart disease in the animal.

Have your pet can be rhinotracheitis, and then it will also be sneezing and coughing.An effective remedy for this can be vaccinated against the virus, which are held annually throughout the life of the cat.They will protect your cat from the most serious infections.

Thus, for example, a cat flu.It is caused by an extremely dangerous virus that infects the upper respiratory tract: feline rhinotracheitis virus and calicivirus.Then affects the lungs, pneumonia manifested.The viruses that cause cat flu, are the cause of about 90% of infectious diseases of the respiratory tract.They may affect a large number of animals being transferred from one to another by airborne droplets.Not all the sick animals are healthy, some recovered nasal remain forever.Therefore, to combat viruses should be used influenza vaccine.The virus is especially dangerous for young kittens, which must be vaccinated from 6 weeks.

Note why the cat sneezes and often rubs his nose with his paw.If she appeared besides tearing, liquid discharge from the nose, and there was no appetite fever, difficult breathing, in the mouth and tongue sores, it is quite possible that your cat flu, and it is necessary to urgently seek medical advice.

Well, except for the cause of sneezing disease may just be getting into the nasal passage of small foreign body, irritants, liquid.For example, fluff, bits of grass, wool, pollen, smoke, etc.

Sneezing - is always bad enough, but it is not a disease but a symptom.It worsens the condition of the animal, gives him discomfort.If you really want to help your pet, it is necessary to try to establish why a cat sneezes, find out the real cause of this phenomenon to strike due to illness.If you notice that the sneezing does not stop for a while and you are not able to cope, contact a doctor.It will help.After touring and deep examination in the case of infection with respiratory veterinarian may prescribe antibiotics.Although the virus itself against such medicine is powerless.