Almost everything about the disease in dogs ears

Nowadays many owners of four-legged darlings know firsthand about ear ailments from their pets.Thus, according to foreign statistics, an ear infection in dogs is the fifth part of all diseases occurring in the veterinary service.Especially urgent this problem is in the autumn, although in the summer occurs quite often.

dog often concerned inflammation outer and middle ear.But inner ear disease are rare.

ear disease in dogs causing pathogens, bacteria and fungi.Most often it streptococci, staphylococci, fungi, anaerobic bacteria and microscopic mites kozheednye.Such pathogenic microflora is often found in the animal in a dream, latent form, and when certain favorable circumstances wakes up and gives impetus to the development of otitis media and other diseases.Homepage hell may be an allergic reaction to an unhealthy diet or hypothermia.

ear infections in dogs occurs very painful.It reddens and swells inside.Animal sluggish, suffering from a high temperature, shaking his head, trying to tease out t

he diseased organ and tilts his head toward the patient's ear.At the beginning of the disease it emits light catarrhal liquid, which eventually turns into a purulent exudate.If time is not treated, the disease ears in dogs can lead to serious complications, up to an inflammation of the brain, which often leads to death of the animal.

ears to cure the disease in dogs, it must deal with a veterinarian.But before turning to his four-legged friend needs first aid.For this purpose the external auditory canal in dogs thoroughly cleaned with a cotton swab moistened with vegetable oil or paraffin oil.Then pripudrivayut sore special powders, powder and apply to the veterinary service.They inspect the animal, conducted bacteriological analysis of the patient's ear.The results obtained are discharged appropriate antibiotic ointment, analgesics and other medicaments.Sometimes, the doctor prescribes the imposition of special bandages or compresses pulls pus.Very good at purulent inflammations helps Vishnevsky ointment.

If the results of bacteriological analysis originator ear disease in dogs recognized by the ear mite, the ears of a sick animal as first thoroughly cleaned of dry scabs and crusts.Then proceed to the treatment, and the patient and a healthy ear antiscabietic composition.It could be eardrops Bars and otovedin and Amit and decor, and other drugs.Depending on the weight of the animal selected dosage drops.Medical treatment is carried out twice a day for seven to ten days.After three, four weeks treatment course can be repeated.

dog ear mites infected by fleas, flies, or directly through contact with sick individuals quadrupeds.However, ear disease in dogs has its own laws and depends on the species of animal.

Very often suffer from otitis lop-eared dog, Alsatian dogs, Poodles and Cockers.At Shepherd guilty wide open ear canal, easily flies into the dust with all kinds of bacteria.And Fold pets poor ventilation becomes the culprit canine ailments.Rarely ear disease occurs in animals with cropped or small erect ears.

also to blame for ear infection in dogs hereditary factor.If the mother of individuals suffering from otitis media, the diseases with the ears are quite possible and has puppies.

Do not forget that the periodic inspection of the animal in advance will save the dog from many diseases.For this purpose it is necessary to teach a child to clean the ears and other hygiene procedures.Today, the choice of the home, you can use a drop of "Vetzim" and special preventive powder.The main thing is not to overdo it and not to disturb a dog in the ear healthy microflora.And the animal recover from otitis, preferably once a year to show the vet and to abide scrupulously by its useful recommendations.