Power Cat

often brighten the lives of people pets, which way to the heart is through his stomach.

Power cats at home - a serious topic.From power depends on the health of a pet, respectively, and the peace of mind of the owner.

Feed ready fodder

ready fodder to feed the cat, even canned, though dry, comfortable, easy.We must know that the dry finished feeds are not identical, some of them - good food, but there are also bad.To a good cat food can be attributed Eukanuba, Hills, Eagle Pack, Iams, Nutro Choice.It is not recommended to buy in markets weighted dry food.It is not secure.

Power cats dry foods requires a food and water freely available.About the exemplary rate of feed producers say on the package, the food is metered measured glass, the size of which is different for each manufacturer.Water is not considered milk or yogurt.

Usually up to 9 months of age, and even up to a year, cat food For kittens.Later, use the usual "adult" food.Transfer to another feeding should gradually, within 1-2 week

s, with the former serving food are reduced, and portions of adult food increased.

Sometimes the owners are trying to make cat food combined.Canned and dry food may be combined in one line of a single manufacturer.It is considered necessary when using the finished feed or shift to hand feed the cat urine test once a year or six months.

Natural food for cats.

When natural type of feeding in the diet should be two meals - a fermented milk and meat.

Meat dish is fairly easy.Lean beef chilled, without veins and bones, cut into small pieces the size of a fingernail.Add to the meat of half a spoon of olive oil, a little mashed boiled cauliflower, ordinary cabbage, mashed boiled beets, spinach, lettuce, herbs, chopped cat or buckwheat or rice in a ratio of 4 parts to 1 part meat products- fillers.This also added vitamin and mineral supplements on the advice of a veterinarian and provide the cat.

At its discretion, the cat food can be a variety of other types of meat once a week, you can give your cat beef heart, cutting slices, with all the additives.Liver can not feed the cat, as it has a lot of vitamins and as many parasites.It is undesirable to be considered a major component of the chicken meat.The fish can be given only occasionally.

permissible use as food for cats of various dairy products.The basis is considered to be one percent yogurt, a constant in the clear on the table one day, and in the refrigerator - 3days.Sometimes it can be given unsweetened yogurt without fruit, and 10% sour cream, pre-dilute it with boiled water, as the delicacy - fermented baked milk.

constantly within reach of the animal should be grass.Wheat or oats can be grown at home in a drawer-type "green conveyor".

When natural food is necessary to pass a urine test once every four months.

neutered cats

Behind them need special care, require a different approach and nutrition neutered cats.The cat after surgery to remove the testes are at an increased risk of developing kidney stones disease, which leads to the formation of kidney stones.Animals stones formed in the bladder, it is very difficult to output.Neutered cats urinary channel is narrowed, because of this it is almost impossible to bring the stones.

animal is removed from the diet the fish as it contains special substances that contribute to the formation of the most common stones in cats and dogs.

development of urolithiasis neutered cats contributes to the fact that they are less likely to urinate.Therefore, fresh water should always be present, especially when feeding dry cat food.

In the case where a castrated cat is drinking enough water, you need to change the diet completely, to transfer the animal to the natural food with the use of by-products, poultry, beef, vegetables and cereals, dairy products.

desirable consultation with a veterinarian.

British cats

If you live in British cats, food that should be varied for meat for pet is not worth saving.Offering a cat fish, it is necessary to boil and remove bones, fish products should not be repeated on the menu more than 1 time per month.The canned meat or useful to add cereal, introduce feed additives in the daily cat need to get up to 60 kinds of nutrients.In order to maintain the tone of a cat to take care of a balanced healthy feeding.

necessary to remember the main rule that complete mixing feed and can not be natural.