How to make jeans with holes, worn, patches: the new life of old things

Certainly in the corner of your wardrobe overlooked one or the other pair of jeans that you are, for whatever reasons, decided not to wear it.Style one panties have long gone out of fashion, others are covered in some places with dirty spots that do not wash out, while others tore at the most visible and unsightly place.You want to throw thing are not wearing, or worse, waiting for summer to use it exclusively for holiday work?Wait a minute, because your crazy hands can make jeans with holes in the most stylish piece in your wardrobe.Just breathe new life into them, the below tips.

Despite the fact that the holes in the denim to do is not so hard, we recommend that you first make a small hole, and then expand them as necessary (to break some jeans you always have time).Huge dyrischi not always appropriate and do not look so beautiful.

Jeans with holes: choose Tools

to decorate their old or just inconspicuous pants denim holes, you may need:

  • pumice;
  • sandpaper;
  • scissors (this tool is only for
    masters 'leaky' case because scissors can easily overdo it);
  • knife stationery (before using it in the leg enclose something hard to avoid "unintended" holes on the other leg on the floor);
  • nail file with the rough surface (its jeans should "tear up");
  • razor blade (for the application of art cuts);
  • metal brush (used to make a hole in the jeans bought "disheveled" look).

Remember the general rule and follow it regardless of what tool "penalty" you have chosen.Holes should be made only in wet jeans.You can even just to be sure to rub soap leg.After the holes in the required quantity and in the right places you are done, expose washed jeans - it will give your outfit a "factory" look.

With the help of these instruments, you can also give your jeans worn effect, for example, if you feel that jeans with holes - it is too radical for you.Only when using nazhdachki, wire brush or pumice remember that scrapes up from the hole - one step.Jeans should also be wet and put on a hard surface.

If the holes in the jeans do not belong on your preferences and favorite pants very badly torn, you can make a creative patch that can be worn with pride the most important ladies.For the production of the patch will suit you a piece of cloth or a flap of any color, shape, texture, pattern.You can make a patch in the form of shapes (stars, triangles, hearts), suede, denim or leather, the color of the jeans or the opposite contrast.Sew the flap can be how to attach it to the front side and placing on the reverse side.Threads also choose for yourself - or those of color combined with the color of a piece of cloth, or those who will deliberately stand out from the patch.

Well, if the reason you are no longer wearing a favorite pair of jeans is unfortunate spot, which turned out to be beyond the power of any advertised washing powder, you can proceed as follows.Just artificially contaminate jeans, then that very first spot no one will ever make out.So pour in a bucket of 4 liters of hot water and pour 100 grams of tea.Brew this "drink".Jeans (in full or part thereof) to lower the bucket and leave so for 2-3 days.After a specified time, remove and dry pants.Refill the bucket with water and add vinegar.Jeans keep in such a solution another day to color entrenched.

We all totally different attitude to fashion.Some follow it without question, the other - as it will, and others - does not follow, what wearing this season models on the catwalk.However, everyone wants to look stylish, original and unique.And jeans with holes, patches, abrasion or "dirty," which you have just learned how to make it a great choice.