How to wear a stole: tips and tricks

Perhaps among the outfits of every woman has a rectangular cloak, called stole, which is always warm and will protect her in cold weather, and more.Tippet - is an essential part of ladies' clothes, which will always help you dilute the usual appearance of some new notes, giving you more elegance and charm, but you definitely need to know how to wear a stole.

There are all sorts of variations so indispensable capes: they are plain and colored, with patterns or without them, and there is a large variety of material, from which can be crosslinked stole.How to wear it, just due to the material from which created the thing itself.After all, you will agree, a woolen stole you never wear in the summer, and silk, respectively, not appropriate in a cold winter.Knowing how to wear a stole, you will always be able to create an image of a fragile woman.For any season and in any set of clothes you can choose a separate species as indispensable cloak that allowed because of its popularity among the female half of t

he population.

In general, there are many options on how to wear a stole.And in order to put into practice at least one of them, you need a good imagination and, of course, he - the most important thing in this case.

We will tell you the basic techniques of tying tippet.

As one of the simplest options can take advantage of the following: a fling his shoulders.If you are not a supporter of such simplicity to wear such a beautiful accessory, you can wear a belt and hide the ends of the stole under it - in that case you will get not just a habit, and even something akin to a stylish raglan.

addition can wrap his stole around the neck and tie it nicely.By the way, if you make the front or side of the loop - it will be very elegant look.Also try to create stole from his beautiful decor element with drapery.To do this you need to put on a cape on backwards, and just create a small drapery - you'll see: even your most discreet accessory is sure to be transformed for the better.

All these examples - this is only the most basic options on how to wear the stole.If you only give free rein to their imagination, you will certainly be able to create out of the usual rectangular or square piece of cloth anything unusual and elegant.

In addition to the tippet and try to use any other accessories.An excellent example of such a brooch, as it is able to decorate the mantle as nothing else.Even the smallest thing can make you more elegance and refinement: You just try and do it immediately notice!With brooch you always will create any hangings - even the most difficult.

Besides all this, I would like to draw the attention of those who like stoles that this wonderful cape can be worn not only on the shoulders.The perfect place for it can serve, and waist.Besides stole will look great on your head and elbows.The main thing - to choose the right colors and sizes, and it is equally important to guess the situation and attire.After all, you see, stole on his head is unlikely to perfectly blend in with the evening dress.Under this outfit would be very appropriate to throw it on the shoulder or elbow.

Great combination of the two may look stoles.Very interesting look cloaks of different colors, but that, of course, properly chosen.If you want to use these things, you can just throw them over the shoulders and beautifully combine in one place the elegant brooch - just let your imagination run wild and you will be irresistible!