Points form "Aviator" is always in the trend!

history of so many fashion items and accessories began with the army.Here we can recall the first trench coats and cardigans.The history of the cult models of glasses began as well.Points form "Aviator" were created for US military pilots.

Points aviators: a revolutionary optics

first unique lenses were created by the legendary "Ray-Ban".In 1936, a Lieutenant John Macready asked experts "Bausch & amp; Lomb" to develop sunglasses that protect the eyes from the sun and still have an elegant look.The result of the steel points with a very light frame and lenses of mineral green glass.Benefits of the new model of the first to appreciate the military pilots of the US Air Force, and the company began mass production of glasses under the name "Ray-Ban".

«Army» Fashion

In the era of World War II aviators sunglasses "Ray-Ban" experienced stellar times.General Douglas MacArthur landed in the Philippines with a group of US troops, and photographs of the time spread around the world.The picture shows

the nose of the aforementioned general shape decorated glasses "The Aviator."

new page in the history of

Rank Points continued to grow throughout the war and after its completion.And all thanks to the fact that the glasses form of "The Aviator" by the company "Ray-Ban", were surprisingly functional and elegant.In 1952 the brand "Ray-Ban" was introduced more than a modern version of the classic "The Aviator."We are talking about the model points "Wayfarer", equipped with a plastic frame.Heart fashionistas and fashionistas all over the world again trembled with delight.Since then the brand has become a tradition constant replenishment assortment of new models, which combine classic recognizable style with the most advanced new materials.

Conquest stars

have in mind, of course, not the heavenly bodies and earthly celebrities.Points form "Aviator" were really a cult thing and kept it for the championship of the sixties, seventies and even eighties.Whole decades they wore everything from workers to movie stars.A big fan of the brand were Michael Jackson, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney.A kind of compliment popularity of "The Aviator" was the movie "Top Gun" (1986), where he flaunted glasses Tom Cruise.Since the beginning of the eighties glasses aviators began to appear in Hollywood films constantly.For example, they can be seen on the bridge of Sylvester Stallone in the movie "Cobra".

fashion accessory

points today form "Aviator" produces not only their own "Ray-Ban", and many other manufacturers.Unfortunately, the noble design does not guarantee the quality, and if the original these glasses combine beauty and style with an excellent lens, today released even from the cheap plastic.True, true fans of the cult aviators can easily distinguish a fake, but those who have no money for expensive branded accessories, too, can touch the high fashion.Growing and linear series, recognizable form replenishes lots of decorative details.Today, everyone can choose the model, based on the financial capabilities and preferences.After all, what is only now released either glasses aviators: women, men and even children.