Care Taxi: features and feeding pet

Dachshunds are popular around the world.Despite its growth and short legs, this dog is muscular and agile.She has a strong elongated body.She's mischievous, funny and inventive.Smartest, courageous at the same time touchy and proud - so she dachshund, the content of which is not difficult, but it includes some key features.Dachshunds are

haired, long-haired and rough-.Smooth dog has a smooth, shiny, short, fitting coat.Care for a taxi and includes special care of her hair.It must be a special brush to scratch.If the hair is short, it will be enough to wipe with a towel or a piece of velvet ribbon.

Paws dog returned from a walk, should be cleaned with a damp cloth, and if she is not afraid of water - to wash with warm water in the shower.If the dog for a walk heavily soiled, it is necessary to wash all using shampoo.Shampoo should be a special, proprietary-only this breed.Generally, the use of such agents is desirable not accustomed.For a puppy, aged 4-5 months, swimming generally contraindicated.

Care taxi can sometimes be a bit difficult.However, the guarantee of health and tranquility of the owner of the dog - the right care for a taxi, including walking the prompt.Despite the fact that her hair is short, it can wind up parasites such as fleas and ticks.To combat them are special preparations in the form of soap, powder, spray, drops.You can buy a special collar.Before using the product have to read the instructions, in addition to the one that you gave in veterinary pharmacy.Use of any medication intended for the age of the dog, its weight, the type of wool and tolerability (No allergic reactions to components of the drug), to ported dog diseases, the degree of insect infestation.Take this seriously, so that your pet is not affected by the treatment.

dachshund owner must also pay attention and claws pet.Dog shear claws should be taught from an early age.To do this, you need to buy special nail clipper.Trim nails puppy should be very careful not to touch or damage the blood vessels of rich areas.Once the first time with the puppy to the vet for an appointment you will be able to see how to properly and safely do it.
adult dogs do not need to trim the claws, as required she grind his "nail polish" on the asphalt.

dog's eyes, too, are in need of care with them will not have problems if they are in the morning and as needed to wipe a damp cotton wool rather weak tea.The mucus in the corners of his eyes, formed after night, too, should be removed.If you suddenly mucous discharge from the eyes of dogs have become more abundant than ever - did not hesitate to lead a dog to the doctor.The skilled artisan will prompt and help you cure your taxi.

Ears fees, as well as the eyes, should be inspected and cleaned as required by the accumulation of sulfur using fleece, wound on a match.At the pet store you need to buy special drops designed for gentle cleaning the dog's ears.

Little puppy teeth problem does not apply, but the older the dog, the more carefully to relate to the teeth.Adult animals are suffering from plaque, because in the future there is an unpleasant smell from the mouth.If the stones are not removed in time, it can create a lot of serious problems.Care includes a dachshund and a solution to this problem.To avoid this, you need to visit the vet in time to buy a special bone for a dog that can sharpen the teeth, use a special medical paste.

«How to look for a taxi?" - The question is simple.Special content fee is not required.Like all dogs, likes to walk, as well as regularly.As the puppy, emphasizes the strengthening and development of the back muscles.For this purpose it is necessary to walk often as possible - to swim.

In no case can not overfeed your dog, it can lead to obesity, increases the load on the spine, the possibility of injury.