Shop 'Bonpriks' - reviews

Outside the XXI century - the century of information technology and non-standard solutions.One of the innovations of recent years - trade through the World Wide Web.There was such trading relatively recently, and has not yet become available to all, but more and more people prefer to buy something through a worldwide network.

Without a doubt, it is convenient, because such products are much cheaper than in stores, because there is no need to pay expensive rent, and thus wind the price.But if one kind of product it can be considered an advantage, that with such goods as clothing, yet do not want to "burn" - because it must be measured, and the thing did not came up in size and bought over the Internet, will be exchanged for a long time and it is possible toproblems.And this is a significant negative.

include shops, sellers of women's dresses in the former Soviet market, a significant place belongs to the store "Bonpriks", reviews of which you can hear a wide variety.To start pay attention to the com

pany itself to make up for her first impression.Chain stores "Bonpriks" is part of the Hamburg company OTTO Versand and runs almost the entire territory of Europe.Among the buyers who are attracted to clothes "Bonpriks", residents of England, Germany, Italy, France, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.As you can see, the range is wide enough coverage.

products in most cases sewn in Poland, and a small portion is imported from other countries.Among its wide range of online shop "Bonpriks" represents not only clothes for women, men and children, but also some of the goods for home use.Undoubtedly, the highlight of this pleasant women who want not only to buy clothes, but just grab and things for the house.

Shop "Bonpriks" - it's a great opportunity to buy your favorite thing without red tape and store queues.And select and order it can be even at night and in the morning the entity enters the processing shop seller.It is worth to note that the delivery takes place as soon as possible - within a short amount of time the modern fashionista can show off their new clothes among friends.In the matter of the delivery shop "Bonpriks" has only positive reviews.

But now is to look at the second side of the coin.Undoubtedly, online store "Bonpriks" loyal to the buyer placed slogans of the type "subscribe - and receive a bonus", "action - selling goods at reduced prices", "in the event of problems, you can make a return within two weeks", etc..The impression is that the store is doing everything to customers as comfortable as possible, and most importantly - safe to buy things in the store.However, the store "Bonpriks" comments in this regard is not entirely positive.On the site you can read independent complaints clients dissatisfied with the size of things, the color of the fabric (pictured saturated color, and in fact - though faded), its texture.Some ladies do not hesitate to call the products "Bonpriks" rags posted for washing machines.Perhaps this is rational, since such responses in one way or another are constantly present at different sites.And only the manufacturer's website entices us discounts, the ability to return, etc.And speaking of the return should also mention reviews of the detainees transfers, if not that they do not exist in nature.However, call center workers continue to argue that translation sent.Such moments make customers think again - but is it worth the risk and buy clothes in "Bonpriks" reviews are not too flattering.Of course, it's everybody - trust such store or not, but do not want to fall into the category of people who are frustrated purchase over the Internet because of the lack of professionalism of one company.