How to find your style of dress?

Everyone wants to be an individual.All over.And in the style of clothes - too.There are, anyway, on clothes.It is then escorted to the mind.And in order to meet you at the proper level, it is necessary to know how to find your style of dress - their own, special, unique.Clothing is not only able to talk about the man, but by hiding shortcomings highlight the merits.But how to find their own style of clothing, and we try to understand.

But let us start with a small, fun test.Easy.Just answer the following questions, and learn how to find your style.

1. Flowers always pleasing to the eye.Which would you prefer bouquets?

a) gentle, refined, prefer beautiful design - 1 point;
b) orchid - 3 points;
c) a variety of garden - 2 points;
g) wildflowers - 4 points.

2. Every word makes us Association.The word "midnight" is associated with you:

a) fun, dancing, bars - 2 points;
b) an interesting long-running conversation - 3 points;
in) sleep - 4 points;
g) unforgettable hours - 1 point.

3. A successful unio

n couples, among many factors, based on mutual enrichment, vzaimostimulyatsii to actions and deeds.What can make the union a woman?

a) propose a new way of entertainment - 2 points;
b) to support the loved one in his plans to become sovetchitsey - 4 points;
c) to support the comfort of home (it is a refuge in the comfort and tranquility) - 1 point;
d) accurately keep all farms, not interfering in the affairs of a loved one (not a woman's business) - 3 points.

4. Let's say a friend (colleague) has a new dress.Style you like and the color of it is not.You:

a) will not grieve her friend and say what a wonderful dress - 1 point;
b) tell her that this dress is not to your taste - 3 points;
to) say that it is not the color - 4 points;
g) offer to return the dress, or take the same style but different colors - 2 points.

5. Suppose you were offered the dog and you agreed.There is a choice of four species.What you prefer?

a) fee - 2 points;
b) spaniel - 4 points;
g) terrier - 1 point;
d) greyhound - 3 points.

And now look how many more you selected in response.The number corresponds to one of the following types.

1. Dreamers.Even if you are in life - a realist and act rationally, your soul is full of romance.Alone with you, you can easily carry away into the world of his dreams and fantasies.Which is good, because the discharge is always needed.Perhaps the main value to you - friendship and love.Everything else you can buy.You perfectly understand the emotions of others and are able to empathize, are themselves vulnerable.Thinking about how to find your style, let freedom inner impulses.You will feel more comfortable in the classics.Romantic style can show your a rich inner world.You will be perfect, adhering to the Italian, German and French styles.

2. Full of life.So - you're a person, knowing exactly her worth.Is it possible to tame your temper or your freedom?Thanks to this gift, as intuition, you are always in sight, "by the way", and time.Too fast paced you obviously is not a hindrance.And will suit you the most sports-style elegance, style vamp (built on contrasts), a sports and elegant.

3. Ladies and gentlemen.Oh, what a cool appearance!But what lies beneath the volcano!It is unlikely that you will open the first comer or unfamiliar.You will hide his emotions perfectly calm mask.You sure are annoying noisy, violently gesticulating people sincerely express emotions.Rather, you might be interested sides, able to express a thought, knowledgeable, tactful.Do you know the true value of elegance, moderation.And to help you express yourself style: Business, constructive, classical.In some cases - country and military.

4. Sports.Are you one of those who are different in everyday life individual soothing harmony.Does not solve the problem "on the fly".And your self calming effect on others.Are you one of those "simpletons", which is the highlight.You know exactly what the "common sense".You are simple and direct communication, so - can, like a magnet, attracting people.The most comfortable for you will styles: Safari, sports, jeans and, of course, a classic.

Here's an interesting approach to how to define your style of dress.Perhaps even unusual, but, according to psychologists, is not devoid of common sense ...