How to grow long eyelashes

Long and thick eyelashes wants to be any girl.But what about those whom nature has not bestowed such an ornament?Someone decides to eyelashes, and someone is trying by all available means to make their long, strong and thick.There are many ways to achieve this.You can use the tools that are sold in pharmacies, you can try traditional recipes.Some methods that will have long eyelashes, describe below.

How to care for eyelashes

To grow long eyelashes, you need to carefully follow some rules.First of all, every day is necessary to remove eye make-up.And do it in a certain way:

  • cotton pad, folded in half, soak in water, put it under the lower eyelid;
  • close your eyes, slow movements, wipe lashes another cotton pad (dip it in water, or a means to make-up remover) from the beginning to the tips.

Clean eyes of cosmetics is very important: the eyelashes mascara captures in a certain position and makes them heavy and inflexible.During sleep lashes covered in ink, wringing, rumpled and often drop out.

It is equally important to choose the right makeup for the eyes.This does not mean that should only buy a very expensive mascara, eye shadow or cream.Just give preference to well-established brands.Remarkably, if a part of the carcass includes vitamins - they help sustain and nourish the eyelashes.

How to grow long eyelashes, using traditional methods

To eyelashes thicker and longer, have to work hard - they grow slowly, much slower than the hair.The first visible results can be seen after about 1-2 months, but a healthy look of your lashes will have a week of regular procedures.

very effective massage century - it improves blood circulation and nutrition:

  • fingertips soak in olive oil;
  • light circular movements from the inner to the outer corners of the eye massage the muscles;
  • burying eyes, tap your fingertips on the eyelids;
  • holding eyelids with your fingers, try 5-10 times to open his eyes.

This simple massage should be done before bedtime, preferably every night.After a while, you do not just get a thick long lashes, but notice that the wrinkles around the eyes become less visible or disappear altogether.

After the massage oil well lubricated eyelashes to enhance growth.It is easy to make at home.As a basis suitable following oils: olive oil, sea buckthorn, peach and grape seed oil (you can use burdock and castor oil, but they can not leave at night - eyes can swell).To a clean bottle pour oil (or mixture thereof), liquid from the ampoules vitamins (A, D, E, F, B6) and aloe juice.Optional use all of the vitamins, the best effect is given vitamins A and E, can only add them.Apply makeup on clean lashes before bed.Make sure that the mixture does not get into your eyes.

to eyelashes thicker and longer, you can pamper their masks on the basis of oils and herbs:

  • Mix extracts of chamomile and calendula and castor oil (a teaspoon).Apply to clean eyelids, hold for 2-3 hours, remove with warm water.
  • mix equal parts of castor oil and sea buckthorn.Apply for 2-3 hours.
  • tablespoons of chopped rose hips pour a mixture of sea buckthorn oil and burdock (take two of Art. Spoon) put on 10 days in a dark place.Strain and lubricate the eyelids.Hold for 2-3 hours, then remove with a clean cotton pad.

good effect eyelashes wiping decoction of herbs: chamomile, cornflower, sage.Herbs can be purchased at the pharmacy, prepare a decoction of the recommendations on the package, the morning and evening to wipe his eyes with a cotton pad soaked in the infusion.

All these traditional methods are tested and effective.You need to decide what suits you best, and start acting.Long eyelashes can grow only systematic and regular procedure.It is in the stability and persistence of the key to success.