Fashionable whether hair straightening today?

Fashion - lady capricious, it is not hard to please, and for her not keep up.But the fair sex always wants to look the best way.And in the pursuit of fashion ladies on different manners pluck eyebrows redraw shape, change color of his hair, acquire locks or, conversely, do hair straightening.

hair flowing over her shoulders smooth, silky waterfall - of course, a beautiful sight.These are always in fashion.However, to achieve this beauty is not always easy.And then come to the aid of women aids - chemical hair straightening and straightening appliances.

chemistry in the service of beauty

hair is straightened using chemicals - it's the same wave, just the opposite.Initially, the hair coated with a special chemical composition, and then they are applied lock, anchoring effect, and air conditioning, toning scalp and neutralizing the negative impact of chemicals.

hair straightening done mainly by two drugs - ammonium thioglycollate and sodium hydroxide.The first drug is most suitable girls with sof

tly pronounced "Curly" curls that resemble a wave.It is uniformly applied to the hair from root to tip.Comb distributed on strands.After a certain period of time, the result is fixed.

Sodium hydroxide carries more wavy hair straightening.The product is suitable for harsh steep curls, becauseIt is acting more aggressively than ammonium.When applying the drug opens the cuticle, so that the mixture penetrates into the hair, it softens it down to change the structure.The amount of damage depends on the mixture of "Curly".The more hydroxide is applied, the greater the smoothing effect.However, damage to the hair and apply directly proportional.


To protect the hair from drying and scalp - for burns, before using strong medication, they should apply some oil-based, such as Vaseline cream.

How long remains effect of the procedure "straightening hair" - a factor especially individual.Traditionally, it covers a period of two to three months.Then the hair is gradually acquire natural state.But if you want to prolong the effect - re-medication is applied only on the roots.

order after the "chemistry" healthier hair, they sure need medicated shampoos, masks and balms.Good nutrition and hydration will bring the expected result!

straighten hair in Japanese!

chemical straightening has a sufficiently long-term effect.However, even more interesting and attractive to the fairer sex can be a Japanese hair straightening.Under its influence the structure of the hair is changing radically, unruly curls turn into an absolutely smooth, straight, shiny hair.

Should this procedure is expensive.But, in addition to the main destination, a drug that straightens the hair, and restores them yet.The structure of the chemical formula of the substance includes components enriched proteins.It proteins and beneficial effect on the hair, significantly improving their condition and appearance.Especially in favor of it goes dry and damaged hair.

Japanese hair straightening occurs as follows: when applied to the surface of the rectifier gets to the core of each hair and acts on its molecular structure.Bond in the molecule changes, including keratin, in the natural state similar constricted small springs.Clogged molecules straighten - hair smoothed and lose their "fuzziness".Since locks are flowing waterfall.

Another plus Japanese method in its longevity.The effect lasts much longer than after chemical alignment - from six months to eight months.And when re-exposed to the procedure will only need to regrowth.

So the dream of beautiful ladies of beautiful straight hair very easily become a reality!