The avant-garde hairstyles - how to make a mohawk

question "How to make a mohawk?" Raised by many young people who want to stand out from the crowd, look extravagant, to attract the attention of the opposite sex.Coming out of the punk subculture, haircut "Mohawk" is equally popular with boys and girls.And now we talk about how to build it on your head.

Iroquois - hairstyle for long hair and short.There is, of course, it is not for everyone.Therefore it is necessary to begin to consult with hairdressers, masters in their field.An interesting option may be to pick up on the photo and draw on my head like.

Before hair done, you can estimate the width and height of the crests and color.The simplest - width of two to four centimeters in the central part of the head.

Our actions step by step

  • To begin with good clean and slightly dehumidified head.When the hair is wet, easier to style or cut.
  • primerivayas to how to make the mohawk, from the top to the forehead parting swipe.On both sides of the pin parallel "tails", which later will form the hair.
    Its width depends on the length of the hair: the longer strands, the ridge will be wider.
  • There is a difference in the way men do, and how Mohawk - female.For men's hair on the back of the head and temples clipped with scissors or short "remove" machine.If the length of strands of more than a few centimeters, you can leave the bristles in a couple of millimeters, so the comb will look spectacular.But if they are initially very small, the hair, which are not part of the basic hair should be removed with a razor, "out", almost to perfection.For these purposes, suitable even for man machine.
  • best option, by the way, in which you can save and hair, and boasts a new image - to collect long hair in a ponytail - either at the top (high, "palm tree") or the neck (very low).If you wish to make a focus on a few strands, tinted spray paint them.
  • How do mohawk, when whiskey and neck are given in the proper form?The next step - is the remaining hair that is already divided into strands in the "tail", free from gum, wet with water and well lubricated strong hold gel or spray paint, then lift and dry hairdryer.This operation is done with the lock of each.Just make sure that the beams are not undone.And the result is once again lock lacquer for durability.

few tips and comments

If you decide to "outfit" in the barber shop, the master should be clearly and explain clearly what you want to see in your head.So remember the name of modifications Iroquois:

  • strip width equal to two fingers - a "mohawk in the American";
  • width of four fingers - "Siberian mohawk";
  • shaved whiskey - "Gothic";
  • mohawk without stacking without ridges - "lying";
  • «spike."In this installation the crest is not solid, but consists of a number of "spikes" - depending on the customer.This is done as follows: the band nevystrizhennyh hair is divided into several parts, each formed from a "spike" and fixed.They can be located on the head in a random order, well, better symmetrically or in a circle.The resulting hair can be painted in one color or a different color;
  • «mohawk-kviff" - the English version.It's the same classic ridge, just a hair cut and stacked at an angle.At the neck are shaved to almost zero, then longer and longer - up to the crown of the head.That's on top of the ridge height of the maximum, and then decreases again, gradually.
  • mohawk - suitable hairstyle for long hair, so his "maiden" option can be a variety of different accessories: combs, instruct rhinestones or sequins (evening version), hairpins, invisible (for example, black invisible on light hair - stylish solution), etc..d.The main thing is to fit the hairstyle overall style of your dress and behavior.