Pot folding - my mother's helper in the journey

spend their holidays in the town no one wants.After working for a year, we want to escape from deserved concrete jungle.We all dream about a trip on a sunny beach, the ski resort or a resort in the middle of pine forest.Going on a trip with your child, be sure to take with him the pot.Folding option would be most convenient for transportation.It will not take up much space, does not need to wash, moreover, is not less convenient than a simple pot.

Folding toilet would not embarrass the kid, if you spend with him a preliminary interview in advance.Give your child to learn a new subject.Tell him about the trip, that this situation is different from everyday life.Give him the opportunity to choose a pot.For sale a huge variety of options, but all of them can be reduced to a few types that will have something in common with each other, but something different.Although differences among similar models is very minor.

first - a seat on the toilet.They are portable, easy to use and have a variety of textur

es and colors.They differ from the pot, so to use a child must get used to them.

The second type - the pot is foldable for travel, having a frame, which is attached to a plastic bag.He subsequently disposed of along with the contents.Here again we see a great many variations in performance.Some have a package, some are made in the form of a suitcase, some just have a handle.But they differ in shape, coloring, material performance and, of course, price.In a way, most likely will come in handy pot.Folding it will or not - you choose.

traveling with a baby, you have recently become accustomed to the pot, it is important to remember a few simple rules.

First, at the time of the trip in any case should not stop accustoming the child to the toilet.Although it is not recommended to start training during the trip, as the specific results you will not achieve.It is necessary to adhere to the same methods as the house is definitely a discount for unusual circumstances and inconvenience experienced by you and your child during this time.

Secondly, it is possible to use diapers to avoid unpleasant situations.Unfamiliar surroundings will help your child not to go back to diapers completely.He, too, understands the novelty of the situation.

Third, do not scold the child in case of failure.Stress due to changes in the environment, the inconvenience of travel and many other factors can adversely affect everyone.Even older children sometimes traveling soiled his pants.Be patient and understanding towards his child.

From you need as carefully as possible to calculate the itinerary, to shorten the distance.Do not forget to bring a pot of folding, you will make the journey comfortable.Of course, the best possible minded to restrict travel.

Pot collapsible baby will help you and your child feel more comfortable, you can along the way.