Hangers for laundry!

Today any apartment, even on the first floor has a balcony.And the balcony to fit a variety of needs, and even unthinkable.But in the same apartment from drying things nobody has been able to get rid of.So our people to think out the most sophisticated methods and tools.Fortunately, attentive manufacturers have thought of everything for us.Therefore, it remains only to make the right choice hangers for clothes on the balcony, in order not to infringe on anybody's interests.After all, the balcony - it's not only the extra space for the hostess, but also an integral part of the territory of the host, and children's clothes there is always enough.So the first thing you should decide is where you want to place hangers for clothes.

The most common dryer on the balcony is placed on the ceiling or wall.But if you attach it high enough to not interfere with moving, the owner will have to jump all the time to rope hangers for clothes.On the balcony constantly carry chair is not very convenient.For such a cas

e there is a very practical types of dryers can be lowered and pull rods for hanging.Possible length of a drying must determine before shopping because the manufacturer offers standard-size bars.This type of hangers for clothes on the balcony attached to the ceiling in any convenient place, but it is often limited to a length of 2 meters and a width of 6 bars.Alternatively there is a rope stretched between the walls that you can pull up in their uselessness.You just pull the rope in one motion with the established drying on one wall, and fix them for bolted hooks on the opposite wall.

Here, the length is limited to less, and you can hang a drying at a comfortable height for the hostess.If space allows, you can also consider the option of drying designed exclusively for hangers.Such articles are attached to the ceiling or to the outer side of the balcony.Perhaps your needs are quite satisfied with just that goal.But what about those who have simply not possible to attach to the ceiling or wall hangers for clothes?On the balcony, in the bathroom, or even in the room, you can choose a number of other models.

There drying, portable and floor that solve a number of problems.Such drying, easy to fold and take up no space.In summer, they can stand on the balcony and in winter - close to a radiator.There are miniature hangers, hooks that cling to the radiator.This is not just convenient, but also correctly.As experts and physicians strongly recommend not to put wet clothes on a hot battery.Suffers not only the atmosphere in the room during the heating season, apartments, and things lose their color or white.But in such special drying can even hang a coat hanger with things, but great things to accommodate them.Therefore, floor drying are convenient additional tool for the small, child, or everyday clothes.Fortunately, progress is not in place, and the imagination of our inventors there is no limit.Evaluate the capabilities of your balcony, match them with offers manufacturers and connect a little imagination.You always will be the best option for solving this problem.Good luck!