Fattest children in the world and their history

Unfortunately, in our time humanity every day putting on weight.Modern pediatricians are alarmed at the increasing of their child patients have morbid obesity.Some toddler weight greater than that of a normal adult.Who are the fattest in the world of children?

In the first place, of course, Jessica Leonard.Her view of any can lead to terror and force parents to suspect child abuse.Jessica ate every two hours, and made terrible tantrums if the parents did not fulfill its requirements.Girl consume 10,000 calories a day!She had lost the ability to walk and could not withstand even mild exertion.For this reason, the cardiovascular system of girls become subject to serious risk.Instead of playing and running around like all the children, Jessica had to roll to get from one place to another.Her daily "diet" were a lot of bottles of Coca-Cola, 15 hamburgers with fries and several kilograms of chocolate.Breakfast consisted of a baby white bread, potato chips and two liters of soda.Every day more and more like

it is!Seven Years Jessica was probably the fat kid in her age group, having a weight of 222 kilograms.Mom girl, Caroline - but who is to blame for what happened.She's in early childhood accustomed to unhealthy baby food diet because baby is totally dependent on the mother.Fortunately, on-demand services to protect children Jessica was brought to the center and now re-trained to control your appetite.Today, it has lost much of its weight without undergoing surgery.But all the same in the future, the child will need it to get rid of excess skin and to straighten the deformed bones.

Today, the fattest child in the world - it Dzhambulat Hatohov from Russia.This 13-year-old boy weighs 150 kilograms.He was born with a normal light weight, but by the end of the first year weighed more than 28 kg.By his third birthday Dzhambik could raise the solid weight.When he was four years old, his weight reached 42 kilograms.Unfortunately, the child's mother did not believe that her son has a clear deviation, and believes that, in speaking of excess weight, doctors exaggerate.But the fact remains, and today it is the fat kid (photo attached).

The three "leaders" is, and Lu Hao, which weighs about 60 kilograms.This kid eats three bowls of rice per meal, and no matter how hard the family diet to restrict the boy, he continues to gain weight.Therefore, Lu is located on the third step of the rating in the category "the fattest in the world of children."

In fourth place - Suman Khatun.This Indian girl weighs five times more than normal children of her age.Eaten baby food for a week to feed her entire village.

are believed doctors, fattest kids in the world, such as Suman, suffering from hormonal imbalance, resulting in feeling hungry all the time.The girl lives in Bengal, and its normal dinner includes two giant plates of rice, two bowls of fried fish, two fried eggs and a few omelets.Lunch comes right after two breakfast of biscuits, bananas, rice and eggs.The child's mother, Beli Bibi knows how much her child eats every day, because immediately after the meal the girl goes home to ask for food from neighbors.

Naturally, fattest kids in the world because of the excess weight can not grow healthy people.I blame the parents, who often do not attach importance to the seriousness of the situation and are in no hurry to take action.