Lipstick effect volume "Avon": reviews on the effect of collagen and retinol

Many women are interested in the question of whether it was true that the lipstick effect volume can not only visually enhance lips, and rejuvenate the skin, saturating antioxidants.In fact, it all depends on the company's products and the composition of cosmetic products, which, if desired, can be found on the packaging.Today we talk about the volume of lipsticks "Avon".

channeling funds

Due to the fact that the fashion for plump lips still relevant, and innovative technologies are actively introduced in the cosmetology industry, many manufacturers are increasingly offering tools really bulking.Such funds are used components that increase blood flow to the lips: silicone, hyaluronic acid, essential oils and various plant extracts.The effect of such funds is not fully understood, but it is safe to say only that the desired volume using lipstick can achieve only after a few weeks, but if you stop using the tool, the effect will be maintained even after some time.

Lipstick sculptor

Modeling lipstick can instantly increase.Using these tools, you must be prepared for feeling light tingling, burning or cold.This is due to the fact that the active components begin their operation immediately immediately after application.

usual volume lipstick

Most lipsticks volume can lead to the desired result gradually, taking care of the lips, saturating and feeding them vitamins.Well-groomed and attractive smile is visible to the naked eye, the skin well moisturized and fine lines are smoothed.But that's the effect of the application disappears immediately after the use of the funds.It is to this type of lipstick and refers to the effect of the volume of "Avon".Reviews of buyers not ascertain tingling or burning sensation.And if you look at the composition of the components, it is possible to form a clear picture of the opportunities represented by agents.

composition of lipstick "Maxi-volume»

addition of retinol and beta-carotene in the product consists of vitamins E, C, B and H, jojoba oil, lecithin, white beeswax, aloe and collagen.These and other components are excellent antioxidants means.That is why the cosmetic market because demand lipstick effect volume "Avon".Polish manufacturer likes to pamper their loyal shoppers novelties, but do not forget about the hits of last season.

Thus, buyers have a unique opportunity to choose their ideal cosmetic.However, the formula with collagen and retinol especially liked the modern beauties.

Products "Avon": lipstick effect volume.Reviews shoppers

What client say about the Polish firm action formula that includes retinol and collagen?According to buyers, after using the lipstick lips are soft and smooth, bright saturated colors with a satin sheen to help achieve visual bulk.Although the composition of a consistency sufficiently thick, rolled lipstick on the lips and does not clog up in the folds.High quality decorative cosmetics has always been the hallmark of products Avon.Lipstick effect volume once again proved it.

Why at least one bright lipstick should be in the purse ladies?

Some girls prefer to moisturize your lips delicate sheen.However, none of the glamor is composed of so many rich trace elements as a lipstick with the effect of the volume of "Avon".Reviews of shoppers indicate that even the most conservative of them, negatively related to the bright colors on the lips are in their beautician 1-2 pitch from the Polish manufacturer.Also women customers claim that the lipstick does not dry the lips and goes very well on Balsam.

How long does the tool on the lips?

Many women say that the present means comfortable enough tolerated by the skin throughout the day, it fits well and does not roll contains microscopic White Shimmer.If not thoroughly snacking, the color can keep for a long time, going slowly and leaving a light shade of manifesting on the lips.

more suitable to the season

Lipstick effect volume "Avon" (comments just prove it) is most suitable for application to the lips in the autumn-winter period.Of course, we do not encourage our readers to abandon the use of this tool in the spring or summer - let each woman decides herself.Just will substantiate their arguments.In the spring so eager delicate, moderately saturated pastel shades, and in summer the skin needs to rest as much as possible from the makeup.

Avon: lipstick effect volume.Reviews beauties on the effect of retinol and collagen

Why even eternal opponent tubes with colorful decorative cosmetics are not resist the submitted article in today's means?What is so captivated shoppers lipstick effect volume "Avon"?

Reviews beauties show incredible comfort of application, a pleasant smell and no taste repellent characteristic.Also women customers note that the miraculous effect of retinol is able to gently care for the skin, smoothing fine wrinkles and collagen lips really fills the volume.

Each of these components work well individually, but together these substances make up a unique formula to achieve beauty.8 bright shades give women happiness and harmony, without causing any harm.