How do I know Guy Changes?

Before harass partner constant suspicion of treason, it is possible, by analyzing its behavior to make preliminary conclusions: whether there is infidelity, or no cause for concern.Many people wonder how to understand the guy changes without obvious symptoms.There are several factors that make you think.Some believe that you can find direct evidence pointing to the fact that the guy changes.But sometimes, innocent explanation can be found, even love letters and scratches on his back.Therefore, all but the recognition of treason and a situation where the lovers are caught in the act, can be attributed to speculation.

1. Mood swings. Sometimes your boyfriend shows unexplained bouts of tenderness and attention, and sometimes suddenly becomes irritable and withdrawn, maybe even shout or insult.This, of course, may contribute to tensions at work or family problems.But sometimes, it's a sign that the man doubted his desire to build a relationship with you further.And it may mean that he has already found a

replacement to you.

2. Insufficient attention. Previously, he was willing to spend with you day and night, and is now limited to occasional travelers.Maybe that guy changes, and therefore he simply did not have the time to provide you the same attention as before.

3. Frequent quarrels. Your guy often provoke a quarrel, after which "offended", slams the door and disappeared for the whole night, and even for a day - the other.Particularly suspect such behavior, if an argument occurs before the weekend and holidays.It is likely that he is interested to hold them in the company of other women.

4. Men company. Previously, he was willing to invite you into the company of his friends, and now increasingly want to communicate with them without you.If the participation of the phrase: "I'm going to drink beer with friends (playing cards, watching football, fishing, in the bath, and so on. D.)" - There is a chance that the guy cheating on you.

5. Expensive gifts.He became pamper you with unexpected gifts for no reason.Or he has a friend, or he finally realized how much he loved you.

6. Increased attention to their appearance. Not so long ago, he would not part with your favorite jeans, and rarely shaved, and now he suddenly became interested in designer clothes, and the time he spends at the mirror more than you.Add to this a new haircut, trendy perfume and think for whom he tries so hard?

7. Gifts of nowhere. The guy began to appear things too similar to someone a gift.Purse, beautiful lighter, the new belt, stylish diary and other nonsense that usually give the men.It would be nice to ask where all this.

8. Telephone secrets. He always leaves the room when talking on the phone.It is no longer throws his cell phone anywhere and always carries it with him.Even the toilet.List of sent and received messages are removed daily.These reasons often point to the fact that the guy changes.

9. Banal evidence. traces of lipstick, perfume fragrance female, long hair, found on clothing and other signs, have long been a topic of jokes about infidelity.But, despite this, they often give rise to suspicion.

10. Transfiguration. guy, for no apparent reason, invites you to change hair style, hair color, clothing style.Maybe he wants you to be like her?

to suspect the girls there are a thousand ways to find out that the guy changes, but do not forget that love is built on trust.Unfounded accusations can completely destroy the strongest relationship.Man torturing regular inspections, you can itself provoke treason.Besides, think about it, are you ready to find out what your boyfriend cheating on you?After all, in most cases, forgive infidelity.