Learn how to wean the kitten bite and scratch

Raising kittens is of great importance for those who have taken to his house furry friend.However, to this charming creature harmoniously fit into your life, you must take note of some important things.In particular, it is not superfluous to the knowledge of how to wean the kitten bite and scratch.

First of all, please note that a similar feline behavior always has an objective reason.Let's look at some of these reasons, and at the same time learn about how to prevent such aggressive behavior.Thus the owners can avoid the need to take drastic measures against the favorite.

first reason: Animal experiencing discomfort or pain, and may be injured.This is the most obvious reason, and if the cat becomes aggressive without obvious visible reason, maybe he's sick.Should contact your veterinarian without delay the visit until later.

second reason: This aggression can be caused by fear.The cat elementary instinct of self-preservation.Kitten simply defending itself, and does not want to hurt you.How to

wean a kitten bite and scratch in this case?Be sure that as soon as the cause of fear will disappear, will be automatically solved the problem.Kitten calm down and everything will be normal again.

Reason Three: Fires territorial instinct.Some kittens can be excited by the appearance in the vicinity of their residence strange cats.Your kitten feels strange being and instinct - attack is called automatically.At the same time such an attack, because of the unavailability of the offending site is redirected to you.

cat does not want to harm you.Remember that this is primarily an animal that responds automatically to the inherent nature of the program.So, how to wean the kitten bite and scratch if he has such a violent reaction on the street cats?In this case, you may just need to lock kitten review.For example, zaveste their windows.Also sell special sprays containing substances soothing cat and safeguard your pet from stress.

Reason Four: cat may bite or scratch during the game.There will not be repeated more than a reminder that the kitten does not want to hurt you.Most likely, the kitten just have not been taught that this can not be done.However, the fourth reason, perhaps the most common.

So, how to wean the kitten bite and scratch during the game?What are the educational activities should be carried out with your pet?

To begin with the first days of the animal in your home should let him know that your hands and feet are not toys.Encourage your cat to play with toys.How it's done?Very simple!Instead of hands and feet, always use special toys.In this case, the cat will not be perceived as suitable for biting the object of your body.

Pay attention to coming to visit you people.You may have already noticed how some of your friends teasing kitten moving or snapping fingers in front of his muzzle?Such actions should be prevented because so your pet to make it clear that the hand of a toy and can bite.

Here are some tips on how to wean the kitten to bite: To zoom in to the animal your fingers, you should use a special type of toy fishing rod.Periodically allow the kitten to catch prey.After the kitten won the impromptu hunt, he needs to give rich in protein treating ix.

thus met its main instincts: hunting, Remanufactured game process, the need for food in the form of follow-the game treats, grooming and sleeping.As you can see, the timely raising kittens subsequently save you from problems with their content and deliver a lot of fun.