EOS-cosmetics: Lip delight

scientifically proven that women who use cosmetics for a lifetime consume up to 4 kg of lipstick that contains a variety of harmful petrochemicals and artificial dyes.EOS-cosmetics, according to the manufacturer, designed from 100% natural ingredients.

Lip balms

Lips are constantly in need of protection.In winter - from the cold in the summer - from ultraviolet rays, and in the autumn and spring seasons - from chapping.But not all balms can protect against adverse conditions.And some may even provoke cracks and peeling lips.This can happen for several reasons: the wrong makeup lip balm, liquid or dense structure, allergens and chemicals that make up lipstick.

Brand EOS

Lip balms manufacturers EOS-cosmetics appeared on the market recently.But they have become popular among many of the fair sex.

Making balm at the highest level - a bright, noticeable lipstick as interesting spherical shape with a velvety surface.But after using it for a day it becomes clear why it has become so famous.The effe

ct is simply stunning - the lips are smooth and soft.

Celebrities and cosmetics EOS

Reviews of world stars of the balms of the cosmetics manufacturer EOS impressive.Almost every well-known actress and singer can be seen today in the sphere of bright handbag.According to them, balms this company is very pleasant and does not feel on the lips, and thanks to its unusual shape, they simply can not get lost in the bowels of the clutch among the hundreds of things.


As part of the lip balms (EOS-cosmetics this is different from usual) no harmful synthetic components.Also, they do not contain compounds such as petrolatum, phthalates, paraffin, paraben, gluten and others, which are normally present in the lip balms.

The structure of lip balm EOS contains only natural, nutritious and healthy oils - olive, jojoba, shea butter, and vitamin E and beeswax.EOS-containing cosmetics, inter alia, natural extracts of berries, fruits and plant (Stevia, blueberry, peach, strawberry, etc.).

patented unique composition by EOS balms approved by the Oregon Institute of organics.You can even use them during pregnancy and lactation.

View lipstick

EOS-cosmetics, a photo of which is provided in this article is made in the form of a sphere.It is made of a nice, rough to the touch of velvety plastic.Open the bottle is quite simple - you need only turn the upper part.Side made a small hollow sphere, so keep it in the hands of a very comfortable and convenient.

Inside the bottle is itself a balm that has a cream color and seductive aroma.Bottle color depends on the flavor, but it is always bright and enticing.

Aroma balm

entire line of balms by EOS has a pleasant, unobtrusive aroma based on natural ingredients.The aroma is light, but it is certainly important for such cosmetic.


Although today natural cosmetics - a rarity, and it therefore has a rather high price, EOS-conditioners can be purchased at more than reasonable price, considering all their benefits.In Russia, this balm can be bought at the price of 350 to 500 rubles.


Use lip balms by EOS is no different from the use of conventional lipsticks.Only there is a significant difference - when applying these products on the lips creates a thin invisible film, weightless and not sticky.That it protects lips from harmful environmental factors.In this delicate skin of the lips is breathing easily and freely.

also Balm by EOS can be applied by conventional lipstick, creating a feeling of freshness and lightness.