How do I know the wife is cheating?

If a man suspects his wife of infidelity, then, for this is at least a few reasons - explicit (direct) or indirect.Latest first manifested only in the form of suspicion, which may eventually vanish or completely, or completely harden.

signs are indirect ...

If the wife is cheating, the first signs of this may occur in her careful tracking of their appearance.For men, this is the most suspicious point: diet, make-up, change of clothes and hairstyles - all this is no accident.And if changes were made underwear ....The man immediately begins to think that his wife wants to change and look great for a lover.

Another indirect sign of his wife's infidelity are an increasingly frequent bouts of jealousy.As you know, the thief cap off, so if a woman becomes jealous and look for evidence of infidelity of her husband - her conscience is far from flawless.After all, people tend to blame their loved ones is what they themselves are guilty.

How do I know that the wife is cheating, it is not asking too many

questions?It's very simple - to look at what she gets home, whether to work or walking with friends.Change a woman, feeling guilty, she behaves false and unnatural.All the secret sooner or later becomes clear - and often because of feelings of guilt.

also suspected of treason to help the way she moves away from her husband.Previously, the work met with a delicious lunch - now she is constantly busy.Talk about their experiences - early to go into themselves and hide something.And if before all the free time spent at home - and now made new friends, communicating only with them, taking part in some events - already suspect may well take on a solid foundation.

last drop of indirect signs of developing into a strong belief the man that his wife is cheating on him, is her behavior in the sexual sphere of family life.Woman reshivshayasya unfaithfulness, or becomes completely indifferent and cold during sex with her lawful husband, or, conversely, too active.Especially clearly this is manifested in changing sexual preferences, or the appearance of unusual habits.But the most dangerous situation - is when a woman refuses the proximity, finding it a thousand excuses.In this case, the suspicions of her husband can not become a certainty.

... and straight

clear that credible or obvious signs of female infidelity are those facts which do not require any proof.This most often happens when the relationship between the spouses has given serious crack, and they did not consider it necessary to hide something.How do I know whether to change the wife?This question can not leave - everything is obvious.She was always someone calls and writing SMS-message ....She spent hours sitting on the internet, receiving and sending e-mails ....In order to talk on the phone, it goes into the next room, and the mobile device somehow always turns off ....But if this evidence is not enough - you can find material evidence of treason.Evidence of material, such as handkerchiefs, belonging to a stranger, or tickets to the theater, where her husband was not invited.Further - more, a box of condoms or birth control pills.

Should I continue?Perhaps the above reasons have quite enough to arouse the suspicions of many men to their wives.And for someone these signs have long been embodied in a firm belief - someone's husband for a long time knows that his wife is cheating on him, but for the sake of his family and his love is ready to forgive infidelity and even, to some extent, the betrayal of a loved one.