Korean cosmetics Innisfree: reviews

Korean cosmetics Innicfree has spread around the world.Products of this brand produced in Korea.It can be called one of the most quality and popular Asian goods.The principle of the company is to meet all the demands of consumers by providing them with the maximum safe cosmetics.


Firm "Innisfree" is part of the corporation AmorePacific, which has existed for more than 65 years.The company itself emerged only 15 years ago.For such a short period of time Innisfree Korean cosmetics spread throughout the world and has become quite popular products.The company's philosophy is the principle of an improved image of beauty and cosmetic products, to translate into reality the image.Innisfree Korean cosmetics is created based on the latest technologies of our time.In the process of its production is used high-quality natural ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the skin without drying it.

first Korean cosmetics Innisfree has established itself in 2000.It is the only representative of genuine

natural cosmetics in Korea.Producers inspired island, which is located in the South Korea.The word "innis" in Korean - "island".

Korean cosmetics in Moscow

Sales in Russia began in 2008.Russian women say that cosmetics have no equal in the world.Korean cosmetics Innisfree in Moscow in high demand.Its advantage is that it is created on the basis of natural ingredients that are going on Jeju Island (it is protected by UNESCO, and only a few firms have access to it).For the company, the island became the ideal way.Its unspoiled nature in harmony with a healthy beauty is a dream for many.

main priority of the company is the production of natural organic cosmetics.In addition, much attention is paid to the proper packaging of products to cosmetics has not lost its healing properties.Innisfree cosmetics company cooperates with many environmental funds for the protection of the earth and make contributions.The range of products includes not only cosmetics for the face, but also products for hair.Anyway, they are all based on natural ingredients and provide an effective effect on the skin.


Recently, a large-spread Korean cosmetics Innisfree, reviews of which are different.There are both positive and negative statements about her.Many women claim that Innisfree - it's quite a young brand, but it is not inferior in quality "experienced" cosmetics.After all, his main feature is the use of natural ingredients, so that means the firm have a healing effect on the scalp and face.This contributed to the fact that the brand has become popular not only in Asia but also in the US and the EU.Others speak negatively about cosmetics.According to them, it is too dry the skin, causing irritation and shows.