Treason Wives: How To Forgive Her?

always scary when you betray.It seems that the world is crumbling around in it do not want to believe, do not want to live.But one must live.And also I have to believe.And something to decide on.

Avoid Mistakes

So, once you have learned that there was a betrayal of his wife, the need never leave.What would you have liked to take the first action is likely to be wrong.You can temper all do, and it is unlikely to everything occurring worth adding another problem.The best thing is to step back from the situation and cool.It is advisable to be near a loved one - one is now to be very difficult.First, what has traditionally resorted more often after his wife's infidelity - is alcohol.Of course, it is difficult to keep such a situation, but it is better to do so.Being in a bad state, you can once again make mischief in our situation undesirable.Furthermore, the alcohol in large amounts does not take adequate solution, and small in this case rarely limited, so it is better not to use it at all.

in anything does not deny

To quickly calm the state of mind necessary to do something that would be completely you fascinated and in general in anything does not deny, except, of course, nonsense.You can buy yourself anything that would sooner or even that they did not want and do not know how to use it - new knowledge and skills are welcome.It does not damage or change of image - this is a very powerful impact on the emotional state.It offers all the madness.

all think

When you are able, should be carefully as possible to analyze the situation.Does it make sense to break off the relationship?If you are with little contact, then most likely there is no point in staying together.But it is very rare: usually people live a long time married, they have children, and then you have to weigh everything.After all these years you have become very close friends, and she is going through no less than you, that's for sure.In addition, within the family there is no such order was to blame one person: the betrayal of his wife certainly did not occur just like that, something that has led to the same.Perhaps she was expecting from you something that you took the time to give her time did not understand or did not pay attention, and someone just took it and took advantage of the situation?In the end, cheating wife - a terrible, painful, but the error, and who among us does not make them?


Maybe it makes sense to forgive infidelity?There is a misconception that men can not forgive infidelity of spouse, it is for the weak.Just did for the weak - to run away from problems, and the ability to forgive - a strong and solid natures.Of course, this is not so easy, because men cheating wife experienced much more difficult and painful, especially by those who does not show his feelings externally.So people should have found some way to emotions, are perfectly suited active forms of recreation up to extreme sports.It is also possible for the time to go to another city or abroad to get a lot of impressions and feel almost normal.At such moments, quietly, without a negative, you need to remember a life together, all the best that you bound, but only calls and generally get in touch is not necessary, because after all you need, and give her to feel that she had done that losesto continue this does not happen again.

make a step towards

When you feel ready to forgive infidelity, but it may take a few months, then you need to come back gradually.First is just to meet and talk in a neutral territory, such as in cafes to certainly understand if you can do it or not, and then the situation will reveal itself.Moreover, the gradual return will only benefit from rapprochement.