What to do when the husband changes?

What drives our husbands to commit adultery?The answer to this question would like to know every woman.After all, with the advent of "third wheel" relationship in the family, usually only get worse.And sometimes that my husband changes, it leads to divorce.But the sad situation can be prevented, to understand the causes of infidelity.


routine can turn into a womanizer even the most decent family man.If the monotony in everyday life and at work a man can still like the bear, the lack of new experiences in sex, most likely, would push him to commit adultery.


lack of promotion, and constant accusations of worthlessness by his wife, a man forced to look on the side of victory.He will look and be sure to find a woman who will always insist that he is the most intelligent, strong and attractive.And more men do not.

fatal accident.

Imagine: a man goes on a business trip, there is dinner at the restaurant, is fated to the same table with a charming woman.Who are not ave

rse to meet.The risk that the wife finds out about such a change is close to zero.Agree, the chance to miss a man in two cases out of a hundred.Such treachery is not dangerous if you do not become a habit.


God forbid, her husband suspects his wife of infidelity!This betrayal is not only not a man.Some wives make their husbands deliberately jealous, wishing thereby to attract attention.Such a risk is not always justified.Learning about the infidelity, even non-existent, the spouse may indulge in all serious, but out of a desire for revenge.


In some circles of communication is normal, that her husband changes his wife.The presence of a mistress in this case is practically mandatory.Such betrayal rarely lead to the disintegration of the family, and in most cases are not a secret.

mutual alienation.

Very often, spouses over the years lose interest in each other and live together for the sake of children, out of habit, or based on other reasons.And then there is necessarily a woman whose husband will devote all our attention, in return for kindness, understanding, and comfort.

bad influence.

quite rare, but it is likely the reason that her husband is unfaithful.Friends, spending time in the community available exclusively women, boasted of his victories and deriding conjugal fidelity, can contribute to change.


Perhaps a spouse and did not mean to change his wife, but suddenly there was a woman who to him their long-term plans.Determined to win a man, even a married woman is capable of much.And to break the will of an exemplary spouse at least once, she begins to manipulate them by means of blackmail, pregnancy, suicide threats, and other methods.

What to do when the husband changes?

understand the reasons why their husbands change, you can try to protect the family from destruction.But if the situation did not manage to prevent what to do when her husband changes?There are only three scenarios.

Option One: forgive.It is difficult, but possible.It all depends on the willingness of each of the spouses keep the family together.Who - that considers this option acceptable, but to ruin the family because of the fleeting passions of her husband still not worth it.Conversely, it is possible to extract additional benefits.The guilty men are more generous and caring.

Option Two: to ignore.To know about the infidelity of her husband and pretend that everything is fine, really need nerves of steel.Or indifference to her husband.Some take this step pushes the fear of losing her husband.Indeed, in the imperfect family can turn into yet another scandal in divorce.And who - it considers a betrayal of normal, referring to loving men.

third option: divorce.An extreme measure, but if the husband is not going to give up his mistress and family relationships have long ceased to be smooth, it is the best option.Often, divorce due to infidelity occurs in families where there has long thought about, but were afraid to say out loud.In addition, if the infidelity of men is permanent, perhaps better to divorce than to wait until another passion would lead him out of the family.