Gloss increase lip volume Fullips (reviews)

Sometimes women are willing to do anything to be beautiful.Do not stop even before the plastic surgery.Do collagen injections.It turns out, it is not always necessary to go through surgery to feel irresistible.

Plamper for lip augmentation

Recently, almost all the cosmetic companies produce Plamper for lip augmentation.These tools are similar to the type of lipstick or gloss.But by applying the lips immediately become puffy.Substances that help achieve this effect - menthol and camphor, cinnamon and red pepper.In addition to visually increase the volume of the lips small crystalline particles that reflect light.Silicone, hyaluronic acid and collagen which are a part Plamper, penetrate the skin and increase the lips.Peptides moisturize the skin and enhance the effect of all components.

Plamper different qualities increase the size of the lips differently.Cheap reaching effect by skin irritation pepper or menthol.The result is stored between 4 and 8 hours.But when applied there is a burning sensa

tion caused by the substances contained.It is recommended not to kiss, as Pepper will not only burn you.

If advertising shine promises instant results, then most likely, it will be achieved with the help of light-reflecting particles.No discomfort it causes.But also increases slightly.

preparations with collagen give a feeling of swelling.

gloss off "Dior", "Evelyn", "Express-volume" from "" Oriflame cope with the task better than anyone.Lips get bigger soon after application.And with regular use within two weeks the result will be the maximum.Enjoy the glitter is necessary several times a day, can be used even at night.But lipstick or other cosmetics at this time is undesirable use.

Customer reviews say that after one day the light of the repeated use of "Sally Hansen" lip of the evening was a third more than usual.

Magnifier lips Fullips

Fullips went the other way.It was found that the same results can be obtained using the magnifier developed by them.He called Fullips Lip Plumping.Reviews Many customers say about its effectiveness.

At first glance, it seems incredible.Plastic cap red inside - no equipment.And advertising, asserting that a girl with thin lips suddenly became puhloguboy, nothing special with not doing.


red caps of three types:

  • Round.
  • Middle oval.
  • small oval.

They have broad rounded bumpers.Material for manufacturing - solid food grade plastic, odorless.


  • Wash and wipe with a towel Fullips lip.
  • Customer Reviews Tips before you start the procedure to make peeling toothbrush or washcloth.
  • Apply chapstick or balm.He will attach magnifier lip Fullips.Comments, however, are not advised to smear too much to the appliance is not started to slide.Application will no balm for dry lips.
  • skin around the mouth can be moistened with water.This will help keep the device better.
  • Hold the magnifier to his mouth, put it to his lips.
  • Short puffs pull all the air out of the cap.On the state of the vacuum it will tell you the retraction of the lips inside the cap.Magnifier can be rotated on the lips that he accepted the position.
  • Hold at least 5 seconds.The instruction - from 10 to 30. The duration of the procedure is allowed in 60 seconds.It depends on your feelings.

stop the procedure, you can use your fingers and tongue.We need to do a gap in which the air goes.Magnifier will disappear.

better not first seek to obtain maximum results and try to hold it a little bit.So, Fullips Lip reviews advised to use three times for 5 seconds.


  • Medium Oval (largest) pulls his lips, twisting them.
  • Large Round (round) increases both lips.
  • Small Oval (small round) draws one of the lips to increase and turn it.

Each individual chooses the mode magnifier Fullips.Reviews indicate that the effect of its use increases with each time.

After the procedure, you can tint the lips lipstick.And emphasizing the contour pencil to obtain an even better result.

There is the firm an additional product - lip gloss Fullips Lip Plumping Gloss, created on the basis of the means described by us in the beginning.It allows increased lips look even more impressive.

How many acts

after the first treatment effect persists for long, about 20 minutes.But over time, this time should reach 4 and, according to some, even up to 8 hours after using the magnifier Fullips Lip.Reviews say the five-hour effect after the first use.


  • simplicity of the procedure.
  • possibility of wearing a cap in your purse and use the right time.
  • painless procedure.
  • does not leave bruises.
  • Lightweight and strong.
  • Allows you to adjust the desired part of the lip, the cap selecting the desired shape.
  • can be used with a variety of means for the lips.
  • not cause allergies.

errors using

no need to put pressure on the cap during the procedure and is pulled in a breath.This can result in bruising around the lips or cracks on them after use Fullips Enhancers.Reviews some buyers say it happens quite frequently when using the device.

How to verify the authenticity of the device?

appears magnifier Fullips fake lips, taking advantage of his popularity.At the same time it is manufactured from materials of low quality to save on raw materials.

Once you've booked Fullips Enhancers online store, you have to bring the whole kit:

  • Magnifier in their original packaging.
  • letter from management.
  • Corporate pouch red.

If anything is missing from this list, it probably is a fake.If the shape of the caps has a specific bending, it is either the old version, long-discontinued, or fake, not real magnifier lips Fullips.


device is relatively new.Besides, he is not like other cosmetics and tools.Because it causes consumer interest and desire to experience Fullips.User reviews say it is better to get enlargers all three available sizes.This will help make better use of its opportunities.

But there are other opinions.Buyers argue that the "whistle" toy rather than a serious instrument.It is said that after the procedure has always felt uncomfortable.The same condition is maintained at the closing of the lips.After a few minutes the feeling passes.But the effect of the procedure for one hour disappears too.These buyers do not see any point in applying magnifier Fullips.

of consumers are advised to use it to look at themselves with full lips before you decide to pump up her lips with collagen.This makes it possible to estimate the expected results and decide whether to do the procedure at all.And as the price of a cap - $ 20, then play them - a dubious pleasure.Yes, and the price itself, many buyers consider clearly excessive.

Potential buyers interested, doing peeling outside the home.And imagine how the street prodelyvat this procedure difficult.

magnifier called a plunger lip, for its operating principle is the same.He sticks to his face and pulls her lips under the influence of vacuum created when removing the air.

Comparing the results of the glitz and magnifier Fullips, we see that the result in both cases short.Using the street or at work more comfortable shine.Among the advantages Fullips - the absence of allergies and a cool way to use.