Girl Changes?


change not only men but also women.And if men's infidelity in the order of things (from the point of view of men), the female is considered very shameful and ugly thing.A man who learns that his girlfriend change comes just furious.As so, humiliated male ego!In fact, many girls can skillfully led the men by the nose, cleverly hiding all my trips to the left.But as they say, everything always becomes obvious.Once a man learns that his girlfriend is changing, and quite a long time.As a rule, tell your friends about it, or the girl herself during another altercation.Man can not boast the subtlety of psychology, but still he can learn, Does the girl.She can give yourself this: refuse to date, referring to the fact that today it is necessary, for example, to stay with my grandmother;SMS suspicious of a man;sometimes calls the name of another man;grown cold in bed;Bouquet of Flowers in an apartment donated by the other men clearly.

Now you know how to find out whether the girl changes.You probably c

ould evaporate it to change, or, conversely, were convinced of the opposite.If your beloved is true only to you, congratulations.What to do if you are sure to change it?

probably would not want to pretend to know nothing.To begin with, you can talk to the girl, tell me what you learned from it and wait for an explanation.The only way to solve the problem is not every man wants: own pride will prevail.Then, the best option - it is part.If she loves you, then, it will be very worry about your rasstovanii.Otherwise, it will continue its meeting with another man, but of you will remember as turning the page of life.If she changes, so it can stop a strong and crazy love.You will be able to give her all this?Then try to get her back, eyes closed on treason and crossed his own pride.It should be noted that the part you really need to, first of all, to understand their own feelings.

So how can you return the girl?To start all sit down and think carefully about.Try to understand why she is changing, that it moves at such moments.Maybe she's unhappy with your sex life, and maybe she does not like some of your habits.Believe me, the reasons are many great female infidelity.But still dig into their shortcomings have.Then proceed to take decisive action.You do not need expensive gifts, but to organize a trip to a restaurant you have to.A nice way to sit at home by candlelight or go together in the country, where you will not interfere with prying eyes.Simply put, do something that will make you understand about your boundless love.In conversation you can gently touch it to change the topic, but if it the topic is unpleasant, it is better not to touch.You have decided to make up with her, and then all that was before, will have to forget.Better to remember the good moments, for example, you go to the circus, or cook together the cake.Let the girl be happy that you have not forgotten anything, and therefore more expensive relationship.It should take into account the fact that it came out on a date.If she did not have feelings for you, then it probably would not have wanted to resume a past relationship.

Finally, you talked and decided that you want to be together again.All you can do is to shower flowers and Woman own attention.I love her as disliked before.Indeed, sometimes, to keep the relationship, we have to transcend ourselves and close our eyes to such things as treason.In addition, many men and do not mind change.In this case, too, a woman can understand.Well, if you're not one of those, and faithful to that which I enjoy very much.