"Divazh" (cosmetics) - a paradise for a beautiful woman

Every girl and woman wants to look at 100%, not only during festivals but also in everyday life.Uniquely allows users to recreate "Divazh" - cosmetics that has established itself in Russia as one of the most unique brands means to care for skin.

Brand Story

Speaking of cosmetics Divage, should first talk about the history of the brand.The trademark was registered in 1999.In the same period in the territory of the GUM department store in Moscow was first exhibited collection of cosmetics.It is from this moment begins the story of a rising brand "Divazh" (cosmetics).Manufacturer means the "United Europe" - one of the leading Russian holding companies in Russia, CIS and Europe.

popularity of cosmetics in 2001, won its peak, it was the reason that the company was awarded a gold medal for the successful promotion and development of the brand Divage.In 2002, the area of ​​sales of cosmetics spread beyond the Russian Federation, having caught the audience Baltic and CIS countries.In 2005, "Divazh" app

ears to the public as an independent company that has developed its own strategy to gain market.

modern stage in the life of the company

Company "Divazh" Cosmetics today is one of the most popular and sought-after products in the Russian and foreign markets.Cosmetics companies are represented in two main lines: Classique and Evolution, each of which has its own characteristics and properties.In the category of "Classic" presented 150 items of cosmetics that are different standard colors.The line "Evolution" - 180 funds, which are designed to emphasize the sensuality and beauty of women.This collection is designed for active and motivated girls and women who are not accustomed to sit still and just designed for new and better.

What lies feature brand?

«Divazh" (cosmetics) - is not only a brand, but also a unique opportunity for the ladies to emphasize their individuality.Cosmetics belongs to the category of innovation, which allows women to find it in the lines of the collection that will satisfy their needs, depending on the season, time of day and event.

main features that the company has "Divazh" cosmetics - preserving the natural beauty of a woman, but with a touch of brightness and elegance.With the help of cosmetics manages to hide skin imperfections, emphasize the eyes and give the lashes an incredible volume.This was made possible due to the constant testing of cosmetics and improve product quality.

addition, Divage cosmetics made from natural ingredients that are completely safe to use.Cosmetics of brand does not cause allergic reactions, moisturizes the skin, giving it a healthy appearance.

Who should use cosmetics Divage?

Cosmetics "Divazh" has only positive reviews.This is due to the fact that the means intended for women of any age.Every girl will be able to buy a company's products in accordance with their own needs, regardless of status or social affiliation.

Universal cosmetics - what distinguishes the brand.A woman can flourish, causing the skin tone cream manufacturer Divage, emphasizing the eye liquid liner and mascara charcoal color.A unique palette of lipstick and eye shadow will pick up cosmetics in accordance with the needs.

Every woman, regardless of age, can be beautiful and elegant.The main thing - to choose the right cosmetics.Divage - is not only a well-known company, but also the real world of beauty and luxury for a woman.