Jealousy how to fight it?

Often we face in dealing with jealousy.Sometimes it's even quite cute when a guy jealous and made something that is not characteristic of him, for example, in front of everyone I confess to you in love.Jealousy is sometimes spurs momentum for strengthening relations, people suddenly realize that actually can not live without each other.Such episodes of jealousy should not be too frequent, and certainly not to pass a framework of respect for the partner.

However, it often happens that jealousy passes all bounds, causes daily quarrels and fights, sometimes there is jealousy of the past, especially if you have something to remember, and jealousy all around, including friends, colleagues, etc.

Jealousy how to fight it?

Certain recipes how to overcome jealousy does not exist, since all people are different and it is impossible to say which method is more effective in this pair.

In this difficult case needs an individual approach to each of the partners.Both male and female jealousy little fun to rel

ationships and destroys everything that was built on love and harmony.

If your relationship appeared excessive jealousy how to fight it, you can learn from this article.

So, what is jealousy?

Jealousy - is a negative reaction in response to a lack of (or perceived lack of) attention from the partner, to which there is an emotional attachment.

When jealousy is often manifested in the relationship, the partner is considered to be jealous, some psychologists and psychiatrists regard this as the line between healthy and painful emotions.Excessive jealousy refers to the manifestations of neurosis neurotic personalities.

Sometimes it happens when this border is crossed, and jealousy goes into the category of clinical symptoms.In such cases, there is a high risk of affective (emotional outburst) due to jealousy, which is often accompanied by acts of violence on themselves or in respect of a partner.

Jealousy how to fight it, you can understand just by analyzing the behavior of their partner.You have to understand, in some cases, he (it) there is a flash of jealousy, what people or events is connected, as shown jealousy, etc.Be sure to make sure of is, maybe you do give reason to be jealous of his half himself, and maybe just between you there is no reciprocity, and you are together only by habit.

Once you notice it for yourself, analyze, it has already received some conclusions.You know, at least, the reasons for his part.And, perhaps, eliminate them, the relationship will improve, and your pair reigns "peace and love".

But if it does not, then you need to look for the cause in him (it).The first thing to do is just call partner in an open conversation, and straight talk about what's bothering you, tell me what you're worried about it and work together to find some solution to this problem.And you do not have to wonder: jealousy how to fight it?Be sure that your spouse she wanted to do so, but did not dare.It's not as easy as it seems.

If your partner does not want to discuss it, and goes on direct contact, and quarrels and negativity with his (her) party continues, it is worth considering, and if you need someone who does not even want to listen to and hear you.Or maybe he's just a psychological vampire and gets its energy from you when quarrels and discord.So it gives people a kind of pleasure in doing so, they even themselves can not speculate about this.But, if you still love that person and want to be with him, then you just need to seek the advice of an experienced therapist.In such cases, only a trained technician will be able to solve your problem.