Hydrolat - what is it?

Very often you can hear the question: "Hydrolat - what is it?"The topic did not appear by accident, for many, this term is not clear.In addition, there is a widespread belief that Hydrolat - it's just a floral water.Actually hydrosol - is a product obtained in the distillation process in the production of essential oils.Hydrosol produce on special industries, and in the home.

Product properties

Hydrolat Speaking of property, it should be noted that each product is unique in its own way.Features byproduct similar to those of the essential oils that can be used hydrosol in cosmetology, aromatherapy.They have virtually no contraindications to the use, making them a versatile material for all skin types.Due to the positive effects of substances contained in the product, it is possible to remove the inflammation, redness, flaking and dryness are reduced.Furthermore, Hydrolat facilitate toning.They narrow the enlarged pores and normalize the sebaceous glands.Therefore, speaking about Hydrolat (what it i

s, we already know), it should be noted that it is a real gift for women who care about their skin.

Hydrolat How to choose?

To date, this product produces numerous companies, which, unfortunately, the distillation of the basic rights of its receipt.This is the reason that in the normal selling price of essential floral water, devoid of useful qualities.

To avoid becoming a victim of counterfeiting, it is recommended to purchase hydrosol certified organizations, pharmacies or distributors of famous manufacturers.Or do Hydrolat hands.Production of the product does not require large investments and special skills, so is available to everyone.

Methods of application

In cosmetology, as well as in medicine, widespread at the present stage got Hydrolat.Reviews of Women on this offal only positive.This is not only excellent properties of matter, but also numerous ways of application:

  • Hydrolat can act as a refreshing spray.It is recommended to use during long trips.The liquid has a tonic and refreshing effect on the skin.It is enough to add a small amount Hydrolat into a spray bottle and apply on your face and body.
  • This is a great drug.In addition to these product properties (toning, normalization of the sebaceous glands, etc.), Hydrolat have healing effect on wounds, scratches and other mechanical damage to the epidermis.Hydrolat lavender is recommended for acne, hair loss, and irritation at the skin.Hydrosol from Melissa will reduce the sores of herpes.
  • This remedy for colds and flu.In this case, the main active ingredients are the sage and fir.Hydrolat small amount is added to the inhaler.Due to the effects of the product on the human body improves breathing by removing the swelling of the sinuses, increasing local immunity.Hydrolat recommended to use in offices, in crowded areas, irrigating substance premises.
  • Hydrolat - what is it?It is a unique tool that allows you to reduce the inflammation of the gums, bleeding eliminated.They freshen the breath, help reduce infection in the throat with angina.
  • It medicines for urogenital diseases.Seats bathrooms with Hydrolat diluted in water in 100 ml can facilitate the patient's condition in cystitis, hemorrhoids, or the development of infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.
  • Hydrolat - is an amazing cosmetic.They can be used as a component of toners, scrubs and masks for all skin types and hair.It is enough to add a small amount of the substance in the bulk of the money, and then applied to the problem areas.


Lavender Lavender - the plant, which has excellent antiseptic and healing properties.Hydrolat of lavender has a regenerative effect, which is why it is recommended to apply the agent for damaged or sensitive skin.When applying lavender water on the skin is avoided chapping, dehydration of the dermis by changing climate, with prolonged stay in the sun.

Hydrolat lavender nourishes, moisturizes and tones, has a calming effect insect bites.The substance relieves headaches, and has a relaxing effect on people, contributing to a deep and sound sleep.

Hydrolat rose

Hydrolat made from rose petals, increasingly used in cosmetics.This material has a soothing and toning effect on the skin, reduces pigmentation, eliminates involutional changes.Hydrolat roses used to make compresses, thus relieving eye puffiness, eliminate bruises and circles under the eyes.The skin becomes soft and velvety, smooth and pleasant to the touch.

Hydrolat of cornflower

product contains wide of the distillate of flowers blue cornflower.The product can be used in a variety of areas ranging from cosmetology and ending with an ophthalmologist.Hydrolat cornflower perfect for eye care, as well as the area around them.In particular, the distillate to reduce the swelling and inflammation around the eyes, removes darkening and pigmentation spots.It moisturizes the skin, imbues it with nutrients and reduces dryness and peeling of the epidermis.Hydrolat cornflowers and roses completely equal in quality.The distillate has a delicate flavor of cornflower, which does not cause irritation or allergies.After application to the skin, you feel a slight chill effect, which allows you to take a refreshing dip in the hot period of time.

Hydrolat cornflower eyes relieves stress, ideal for people wearing contact lenses.Eliminates redness and moisturizes the membrane of the eye.It is recommended to use people whose work is related to the computers.

Hydrolat chamomile

Make Hydrolat home easiest of chamomile.This herb can be purchased at any pharmacy at low cost.In addition, the daisy is one of the medicinal plants, which is used both in traditional and in alternative medicine.

Hydrolat at home can be used in various fields.In particular, chamomile has healing properties, contributing to the rapid overgrowing of wounds and scratches, reduces inflammation and reduces the risk of purulent infection.Chamomile can be used for bleeding and gingivitis, for eliminating skin dryness and relieve irritation.

Hydrolat fir

Talking about Hydrolat (what it is, how to use) should pay special attention to fir as one of the main components used to make the distillate.The product does not contain in its composition artificial substances, preservatives and alcohol.Obtained by distillation parovodnoy fir.

Fir is a natural remedy that has a therapeutic effect in skin diseases, respiratory system.In addition, Hydrolat acts as a natural substance that enhances immunity.Fir has antibacterial, wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects.Ideal for people who suffer from acne and post-acne.It has a positive effect in the healing of herpes and psoriasis.

Hydrolat rosemary

One of the most useful substances for hair care is considered rosemary, which is grown on the Crimean plantations.When shampooing using Hydrolat dandruff persists, remove the irritation of the skin, improve blood circulation.The hair becomes soft, silky and dense.Structure curls improving eliminates breakage and split ends.Enhanced hair growth, and reduced hair loss.

Hydrolat of wormwood Artemisia

- steppe plant, the flavor of which can be found in the thousands.Despite the fact that the scent of bitter wormwood, Hydrolat has a delicate and heady scent.In addition, wormwood has a range of medicinal properties, it can be used as additional material for the tonic, scrub or mask for the face and décolleté.

Hydrolat sage allows to give hairdressing resistance.Spray a small amount of a substance on the strand, it is possible to fix her hair, without gluing hair, which is what sets it against the background of customary varnishes and mousses.Hair filled with a delicate aroma of wild flowers.

Hydrolat Melissa

No less common component for the manufacture of distillate considered a balm.This material has a positive effect on the skin of the face and body.Recommended for sagging skin, which is characteristic of cellulite.Through constant exposure balm normalizes the sebaceous and sweat glands.

skin using a tonic, a cream or a mask becomes tender and soft.It disappears characteristic of greasy skin type shine.A person becomes a matte, velvety and pleasant to the touch.It is recommended to be used as a tonic, lotions and compresses.

Hydrolat - is not just essential oils or floral water, and a real treasure for any woman.Thanks to the healing effects not resolve the multiple problems of the skin, hair, and enhance immunity.Hydrolat - completely natural ingredients, so the product can be used without exception.