From what to wear pleated skirt: Tips stylists

Fashion 80s again burst into our lives, and in the collections of famous designers today, very often you can find a long forgotten girls a thing as a pleated skirt.From what to wear this once an essential attribute of an excellent pupil schoolgirl wardrobe?That's about it today and we'll talk.

last "pleated" tendencies, represented a completely different length skirts - that is what is great hide any shortcomings of the female figure.You are dissatisfied with their not too slim hips or, conversely, do not know what to hide her thin legs-match?Well, the question is what to wear pleated skirt, is relevant to all the girls.

It is worth noting that the wool now out of favor, but flying, flowing fabrics, such as crepe, silk, chiffon, of which sewed modern pleated and give your image an unusual feminine air of dynamism and, of course, stylishness.

to know what to wear pleated skirt, you must first decide shaped this thing.It all depends entirely on your preferences.You can put on coquettish mini, classi

c pleated knee-length or choose a model with a low waist.And if you want, all trendy wear a skirt to the floor or even the whole length of the maxi dress.In any of the options a universal thing that will play the role of top - a turtleneck.A win-win will look and blouse adorned with ruffles and collar-small stands or simple figure-fitting top or T-shirt.

Do not forget to pay attention to the color of the gum from which you plan to build your image - it must match your inner attitude, mood and situation.Careful ladies and young modest recommended to work on the creation of a classical ensemble - "black bottom and white (cream) up."It is a versatile and win-win.Stylists also recommend to choose the top and bottom in one color, but remember that the shade of the shirt must be at least a couple of tones, but lighter than the skirt.

From what to wear pleated skirt in the summer when you want brightness, lightness and ease?Of course, pay attention to the purple, piercing turquoise, blue, light green color patterns.In such a skirt can be on a romantic date, and shopping at a boutique city and travel to distant lands to go.

the girl, who always welcome experiments in clothing, it may be advisable to play with textures.Do not be afraid, create a clear contrast.The lightness and airiness supplement leather pleated skirt, jeans or knit top.If you decide it is fashionable to dress up for the spring season, the fur vest will be fitting.

From what to wear long pleated skirt?In this issue the views of designers and stylists agree that it is best to select any volume, textured top - sweater "braids", cardigan, shirt wide, straight jacket, or loose-fitting coat.Dressed in this way, you will become the most important fashionistas this season.At the same time, remember that optimal for these things, worn under pleated maxi, recognized length waist.If you violate this rule, you will certainly emphasize the waist with a thin strap to maintain proportionality.

Many people wonder what to wear pleated skirt to look sporty.At first glance, it may seem that sport and pleats - things are absolutely incompatible.However, this is not true.And designer Lilia Pustovit in his new collection is totally confirmed, wearing model skirt with pleats and park.This image represents a real sporty chic!

Now you are well informed and prepared for, to create along with its fashionable pleated skirt harmonious and stylish image.