What is the dress code?

Many people think that under the concept of the dress code is usually indicated by that form of clothing, which is usually worn in the office or at work.But it is not.The dress code applies to the publication, parties or events.It is necessary to understand this mass of rules and restrictions.

What is the dress code?

There are people who think that this concept appeared recently.However, in reality it is not so.The dress code has been around for centuries.In ancient times it was called differently, but the essence of the concept remains the same.

dress code - a dress is required when visiting certain activities, institutions and organizations.From this perspective, it is useful and serves as an integral part of the cultural society.This is due to the fact that a man dressed according to the place where he came from, shows respect all around.If he pointedly did not comply with the rules, he neglects the community in which turned out to be.

worth considering forms of dress code that exist in the wo

rld.Let us dwell on the most popular and common.Let's start with the so-called "black tie optional".Such a dress code operates in situations such as a dinner in a luxury restaurant on a big celebration, and so on.In such situations, a man can not wear a tuxedo suit and dark tie, women are allowed to go to a cocktail dress.Appropriate here and jewelry, but do not overdo it.

Analyzing what is the dress code, it should be said about referrals, which is written After Five.In this situation, men are required to meet in suits, and women can dress in a cocktail dress or a separate suit.Regarding jewelry is know when to stop.Do not wear jewelry.

Do not overlook the dress code called Ā«casualĀ» This may be the most enjoyable of what you will see in the invitation sent to you.This is due to the fact that this style is not as strict as other, so you can select an image on your own.In this situation, you can call for friendly or office party.Here, too, are not allowed to wear what you want, you need to look elegant.You will not find yourself under fire from fashion critics, and will look good if you wear a little black dress.It is better to be more modest than try to dress better than anyone.

Office dress code

most important type is the office.Otherwise it is referred to as a business style.If we talk about what a dress code, it should be said that to comply with it not just desirable, but necessary.Otherwise, you can not only damage the relationship with the boss, but also completely lose their jobs.Even if the Soviet Union existed unspoken requirements relating to the appearance of the employees.So employers' attention to the clothing company's employees explained by the desire to create the necessary business environment in the office, as well as make an impression on customers.There are even studies showing that the operating environment will be more where dominated by direct and clear lines, and there is no pretentiousness.It concerns and the interior and exterior of employees.This was the reason that the offices have become the preferred option suits for men and women.

If you understand what a dress code for men, then there may be noted that specific variations on this theme does not exist.Preference is given to single-breasted jackets style, it is worth to remember not to unbutton his jacket, it is done only in the case when you need to sit down.The office would be inappropriate costume too pretentious style.This same requirement applies to the ties of bright colors.

Subject to these simple rules you can eliminate unnecessary conflicts, and will look good.