How to choose a jacket

Down jacket is better to buy in advance in order to be fully prepared winter.However, this piece of clothing is usually purchased for a single year, so you should approach the issue with the responsibility to serve you for many years.And here it is necessary to know how to choose a jacket?

winter wardrobe for a win-win option are warm and light, stylish and practical coats and jackets with a filler made of natural down.The first jacket appeared in Canada, where usually severe frosts, so this piece of clothing is high quality and excellent properties to conserve heat.The main advantages of feather in that they are breathable, so them comfortably in any frost on the street, as well as in transport, wherein visibly warmer.At the moment, down jackets mistakenly called jacket with synthetic fillers, but in this article with that title should be only feathers of birds.It is important to keep this in mind when choosing, then you can get really high-quality thing.

How to choose a jacket

To purchase this product, you should read the label, which shall be the word «down», saying that as a filler used natural material.Manufacturing feather traditionally involves the use of a goose, swan, and eider duck down.It is not suitable for this purpose chicken feathers, although it is used in many Chinese fakes.The most high-quality and a warm eiderdown.Naturally, such a product is a very expensive proposition, but in urban environments, and it is not necessary.

If we talk further about how to choose a down jacket, it is worth noting that it is difficult to meet the product that says "100% down».Normally used for the production of composite printing, which is composed of down and feathers of birds, and of a second component of said item «feather».If you need a really high-quality thing, then the label must indicate that the fluff contain at least 75%.If the product in front of you, which is written on the label «wool», then know that inside is wool batting, the inscription «cotton» says that the jacket in front of you, and to the presence of said mark syntepon «polyester».Jackets filled with the latest light and warm, but after the first wash they lose about 30% of heat-saving properties.Qualitative duck down jackets to last for at least 5 years, and a goose - up to 20.

fluff in the product is distributed by blocks.It is necessary to consider them carefully, they should not be too large.The optimal unit 20 * 20 centimeters.For large amounts of cells fluff will topple to the bottom edge.

important thing to remember about this rule.Before buying a product, it must be well-mash, touch and examine the seams.If these manipulations feathers look out or you feel a tingling, then in front of you obviously substandard product.The high quality product is fluff in double bags with teflon impregnation, so tingling excluded.

Analyzing the question of how to choose a down jacket, is said about the concept of elasticity of fluff.By this is meant the ability to recover from compression.On this index, too, must be written on the product label.Research is conducted in a laboratory where one ounce of down is compressed under the weight, and then it is removed, to see what size to recover fluff.Quality down jacket should have a measure of 550-800 units.You can perform the test yourself at the store.To do this is to roll down jacket sleeves into a tube.The smaller parcel is received, the better the product before you.For straightening products it is sufficient to leave for a short time.

Now you know how to choose a down jacket, became just go to the store for purchase.