Why do men cheat?

question "why men cheat?" Asked more and more women.And although in recent men's infidelity has become quite commonplace, and the men themselves are taking it calmly, the female half can not be reconciled with their behavior.Statistics show that male infidelity often causes the disintegration of families and couples.

So after all, why men cheat?In fact, a large number of reasons for this.Often, it's hard to understand what spodviglo man to such an act.And yet there are some of the most common reasons for them, and we'll talk more.

man can change when he is not satisfied sexually.It occurs when a girl or a wife refuses to have sex or behaves in this business for a very awkward and restrained.There are men who love sex in which all the initiative in their hands takes a woman.But when a man does not dopoluchaet (in terms of sex) what he wants, he'll start to look for it on the side.Get what you want, it is with peace of mind returned to the former partner with a view of a satisfied man when he is to

ruin the relationship is going.

Men's infidelity is the place and if not satisfied with the overall behavior of women.As a rule, she is able to express themselves in bed, but could not find an understanding with the man: his wife (woman) constantly reproaches him for laziness, litter, and later return home.She tries to emphasize that he was not the one with whom she wanted to spend the rest of his life.Man this whole situation is a burden, and he begins to look calm on the side, finding him in the arms of a woman who would never say such.It comes to the fact that he just did not want to go home, and run to his mistress, who is also the lifeline and refuge from the insults and humiliations.

Why men cheat when the two reasons listed above have no place in a relationship?Yes, if only because he has not used for a long time to maintain a sexual relationship with the same partner.He always wants to open new heights, but the wife or steady girlfriend he is in no hurry to leave, in other words, holding a thin leash just in case of emergency.Such behavior of the men take in different ways, someone after a few trips to the left stop, and someone continues to change and further, even if the relationship with key partners has long been interrupted.

Do you know why men cheat if they did not want?For example, they often do when they are drunk and can not anticipate the behavior.Sleeping like a girl in such a state will not be difficult.Besides, a man can not always remember what he did: he often told his friends about it.

Sometimes it happens that a man changes when changes mate.It is known that female infidelity today is also not uncommon.Upon learning that the lovely wife or girl has a lover, a man decides to take revenge the same as well, or even go further, succeeding in a short period of time a large number of partners.In such situations, women no longer need to search for the answer to the question "why the guy has changed" because she gave him the push.

What to do?Can you forgive infidelity?Give a definite answer to this question is difficult, because the situations are all different, as well as the people themselves.And yet, if there is a strong love between partners, it is sometimes better to forgive infidelity and try to start over.But if men are constant infidelity, it's worth thinking about how to stop these difficult and painful relationships.Sometimes it is easier to part with the past and start a new life, a bright and happy, which is no place betrayals and humiliations.Even children can not be of the thread that will deter a woman from separation.