Large curls

Large curls, giving an infinite field for the most daring experiments with hair, as well as facilitating Always tighten marafet morning, back in vogue.And it's very joyful, because not every woman can cope with a hairdryer, but screwed his hair in curlers - it is not very much and cunning.

irons, big curls and ringlets small enough to wear versatile: they will fit in a festive hairstyles, and will be good to watch as an everyday option.Depending on the mood and the female attire, they can change the way, and rather dramatically.

Of course, in order not to suffer, you can go to the hairdresser, but it is not always available and not always convenient.Therefore, there is more gentle, although more time-consuming way - a home perm.

Any woman at home has a handy means by which it is possible to make large ringlets.This hair dryer, curling iron, iron is, curlers.Let us recall the example of grandmothers who cheat their long hair on curlers.

Today, a great many of various devices to create a playful fl

ourishes, alone curlers produced so many that the eyes diverge.At the same time they have many features, but more importantly, perhaps, is their size.

Therefore, a reasonable question arises: how to choose a curler, not to be mistaken, and which are suitable for long hair, and which - for the medium?

It is logical that the need for large curls large diameter devices for cheating.Many of the ladies, who do not have homes large curlers, combine them with smaller, which wind the lower, invisible in the hair strands.

Those who prefer to have a soft waves can get them, winding them bigudi- boomerangs are good that are suitable for any length.

Other rollers for large curls - velvet - at a premium for professional hairdressers and stylists.These devices are absolutely not hurt the hair structure, and their velor surface is pleasant to the scalp.

Curl loose waves and curls can be dense and with a home ironing.In addition to using it, many women create a very original styling for short hair.For example, the lift at the roots of the strands, and then, holding them between the rectifier blades, make circular movements, gently tucking the ends.This all depends on fancy hairstyles mistress: the width of the strands and form curls, and the degree of elation hair.

Unlike simple, heated rollers help to get the desired effect more quickly, due to the fact that their surface remains warm for a long time.

Many ladies the most simple and expeditious way to obtain bulk curls consider the use of curling irons.Each strand is wound on the tool just for 15-20 seconds, and then fixed with varnish.So just ten minutes, you can create a wave uniform over the entire length of hair.

course, perfect big curls are obtained in the salon environment, however, and in this case it is necessary to remember that bioprotsedury not always safe and affect the structure of the hair.This is especially true perm, which is strictly forbidden to make pregnant women, nursing mothers, the treatment of hormonal and even in the critical days.

Although it must be said that today in hairdressing biozavivka, which is much more secure than the one that was done by our mothers and grandmothers.

is best stylish big curls result from biochemical wave, which created a little more than ten years ago, replacing aggressive substances - ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and acid toiglikolievuyu - on analogue cystine.By treating your hair a new substance, a part of which has an amino acid, it is possible to give them flexibility and maintain the integrity of the structure.