From Cinderella to the Goddess: Greek haircut braid

ancient Greece is not in vain is considered the cradle of European culture and civilization.The impact of her to this day there is not only in the democratic fabric of society, the socio-political legislation, but in such a "small" business, as women's fashion.

women of any age and in any social situation wanted to look not just good - great!Statues of Greek goddesses embodied the ideal of feminine beauty: a perfect, harmonious body, spirituality, regular features, lush, wavy hair.Although we are separated from Hellas millennium, many elements of clothes, makeup, hairstyles successfully used couturiers and stylists in their stunning models.A Greek Spit has been and remains a favorite for this hairstyle on almost all occasions.

Goddess five minutes !

groomed, thick, long hair has always been a symbol of feminine beauty and charm.And if they are wavy by nature - extremely lucky lady.On a head of hair, you can build any styling, and it will look great.And as for the hairstyle "a la Psyche" is wealth

- an ideal option.For example, the simplest Greek Spit done in five minutes!And improvised need nothing at all: a comb, rezinochki, spray and, of course, the hair, preferably slightly below the shoulders.

It should clarify that this hairstyle is popularly called "ring".The fact that the Greek braid is woven on the edge of the hair and can replace the rim or hoop that locks prods.

Let's get started:

  • first thing recommended to do - strands of hair spray, which will operate the spray so that they are not obedient and "crumbled" under your fingers.Especially this advice may be useful for those who not only Greek spit and spit and all - is new, untapped.If you do not spray, hair can be moistened with water.
  • the right or left side - like you more and more like talking - make a neat, even parting.From the forehead of him take the most "working" strand, moisturize and smooth split into three parts.Next
  • our spit in the Greek style and is woven along the forehead.On the right side at the same time it is captured each time a netolstym provide designated.
  • Spit can begin to weave from one temple to the other across the forehead.The result secured rezinochkoy.The remaining hair can dissolve and you can pin up in a ponytail.It received an unusual, original, interesting.
  • And one more thing: spit in the Greek style is very effective if your hair is slightly faded or streaked.

continue masterclass

It should be noted that the hairstyle in the Greek style is almost universal.They - the perfect option for a solemn, special occasion, be it a wedding, graduation party, birthday, and in everyday life.Naturally, some of the samples have to pokoldovat, and often without the help of an experienced master will not do.And other models fashionista able to build on their own heads themselves.

What and how to make Greek hairstyle else?On the one hand the style of "a la Greece" embodies elegance, romance, some even exotic.On the other - the universal simplicity.Because if you have a lush head of hair or hair, their length is "handled" behind the shoulders - you complete freedom of action!The longer the hair, the better the result will be.

basis of hairstyles - partially or fully matched back hair.The person is usually framed by curls or chёlochkoy.

types of hairstyles:

  • «Greek node".Strands scroll, from the forehead to the crown divided parted in the middle, at the back going into the beam, which is secured by pins, decorated with narrow silk ribbons.The beam makes a cone shape;
  • «getter."Very similar to the "node".The difference is that the beam is put on a hairpin-mesh, preferably woven together from golden thread;
  • «karimbos."The same "unit" only collected almost neck at the hairline;
  • «Greek tail."It looks great on the hair long or medium.Hair curls, then assembled into a high ponytail and then the whole mass falls freely in the shoulders and back.Garnish with such magnificence can be a string of beads, wound them with strands or narrow ribbons, decorative trim, etc .;
  • «slices of melon", "bow of Apollo," "lampadion" Options ... reminded more and more.A modern hair stylists come up with their own add-ons: strands and curled in braids flowing along the face side tails fleece with hoops, waterfalls curls and so on.Must-have accessory for the Greek hairstyles are all sorts of hoops, studs and invisible, "crab" and clamps, beads, wreaths, hair nets, and even tiara.