Chemical waving of hair

From time to time every woman wants to change something in yourself, refresh the face, giving the appearance of charm.And perm - one of the most popular ways to change your hairstyle.Of course, this procedure has several drawbacks, because at the time curling the hair structure is damaged.On the other hand, curly hair is always in fashion.For those women who have decided on such a procedure, any additional information would be useful.

Perm and its variants

The procedure involves hair curler impact on them of a chemical that alters the structure of the hair, giving curls desired shape.A few years ago perm was fraught with great risk as much weakened, and even burns the hair.Modern beauty salons use more considerate measures, which are not aggressively act on the hair.Depending on the chemicals used procedure can be divided into several types:

  • Acid perm - during the procedure used means, containing the acid.This wave is suitable for almost any type of hair and provides a strong, long-lasting ho
    ld curls.Unfortunately, acid rather spoils the hair.
  • Alkaline perm - used during the procedure means much milder effect on the hair and provides natural shine curly hair.The effect lasts up to three months.
  • Neutral perm - one of the safest and most popular procedures.The reagents used are very gentle on the hair, causing little side effects.
  • amino acid perm - another good way to change your hairstyle.During the procedure, not just curl hair, but also provides the necessary amount of proteins, which ensures rapid recovery.

In any case, you should consult with a hairdresser.He will hold special tests to help determine the condition of the hair and choose an effective way to curling.

Perm: How is the procedure?

Each barber has its own secrets.But in most cases, perm hair salon goes as follows:

  • hairdresser must first wash the hair with a special shampoo that provides deep cleaning.
  • Now you need to wind the hair on special bobbins, the size of which is selected based on the structure of hair and personal preferences.
  • After winding the hair need to quickly process a chemical solution, so curl specialist handles on each bobbin, and puts on a special warming cap on top.
  • Depending on the chemical structure of the hair means to keep them from 20 to 35 minutes.
  • After this hairdresser should unleash multiple bobbins in different places, in order to verify the effect of the wave.
  • Next you need to wash the hair with chemical residues and process locks a special holder (bobbin thus should remain in place).
  • After 5 minutes, the bobbins can be removed again treated hair fixative and left for five minutes.
  • Now the hair can be washed.

Perm can be done in the home.But do not forget that the means for creating curls pretty aggressive.If you have no experience, it is best to sign up for the procedure in a beauty salon.

Perm and contraindications

For a start it is worth noting that a wave can not be performed during pregnancy or lactation.Also, do not sign up for the procedure to women who take hormones or antibiotics.It's no secret that month - not the best time for coloring and perming hair.In such cases it is better to wait for their completion.Do not make the hair perm, which are pre-painted with henna or basma.In addition, a hairdresser may refuse the procedure, if the client's hair condition is poor - is not suitable for curling withered, brittle and weak tresses.

Perm hair: reviews women

This procedure has a number of significant drawbacks.No matter how advanced techniques or use in modern interiors, head of hair damage is still applied.On the downside can be attributed to the fragility of hairstyles - the new hair will grow back straight.Reviews women are quite different - some were satisfied with their appearance, and then some for a long time trying to restore the health of the hair.But if you do decide to perm, remember that very much depends on the skill and experience of the hairdresser.