Rim locks - beauty in 10 minutes

Currently overhead strands are the perfect solution for those who have long dreamed of a thick and lush head of hair, but does not want to communicate with the building.Using additional locks, you can do all sorts of hairstyles and be every day in a new way.Such hair is very easy to use because you can use them not only for celebrations, but every day.And, if necessary, remove them quite easily (for example, in the pool or the gym).

overhead strands of hair can not only increase the amount of hair, but also to add length.You can also change their color if they are made of natural hair, just enough to paint them the same paint, which use for their natural curls.

Secrets select strands

There are a couple of tips on how to pick locks of hair barrette.

better to buy locks, made of natural hair.Then you will be able to do with them is the same as with his.You can align their ironing, twist on hair curlers, painted in various shades.But you should pay attention to the manufacturer.Properly selected

famous brand, then chances are that the quality of the overhead hair is good, there will be more.Buy

overhead locks can be individually or as a whole set.In a set of different lengths are presented, as are used for different areas of the head: occipital and temporal.If you decide to buy a pair of separate strands barrette, you should decide on their length and thus exactly where you are going to strengthen them, to make it look beautiful and natural.

shades of hair are represented in a wide range, the choice of jewelry his cherished dream is necessary to choose the one that most perfectly fit your entire image.

Learning to strengthen hair barrette

In fact, everything is simple, special abilities and skills we do not need.Time, too, this procedure takes not much - about 10-15 minutes.

to overhead strands better to keep, you need a little comb your hair at the roots and spray paint on them, then you can attach an additional beauty.If you - the owner of wavy hair, the procedure you do not necessarily likely, barrette will hold well itself.

Advantages and disadvantages of overhead hair

undeniable advantage of this type of decoration hairstyles can be considered an opportunity to perform any song from the hair on his head.You can attach the strands of any size, regardless of the nature of your data.Do not forget that this jewelry will last you for years to come if you are, of course, to ensure the proper care of it.You can easily apply and remove hair in these different situations.To make packing, you can use familiar tools for modeling hairstyles (utyuzhok, curling irons, hair dryers, etc.).

Comparing overhead strands of hair from the graft, we first have a number of advantages.At any desired moment of false hair can be removed and Naroscheny with you everywhere, which is a big stress for her curls, as they are constantly experiencing the stress.For graft hair requires constant and careful care.They are all the time you need to comb, use special shampoos, very long time to dry after shampooing.Also, we must not forget that, to increase hair, you must make the correction with time, recourse to experts.

disadvantage can be safely assumed that a lock can accidentally slide off your hair, and then everyone will know the secret of your lovely hair.Do not forget that hair barrettes heavier, because of what creates some inconvenience.In the end, you are constantly exposed to really stress your hair nachesyvaya them at the roots to give them a natural look with a graft.You will often use hair dryers, irons and tweezers, as well as coloring agents, which ultimately will affect the appearance of the hair.

For a long time you could enjoy its overhead locks, you need a good care of them, be sure to use moisturizing sprays and reducing agents.