The marriage contract and its contents.

marriage contract can be fully attributed to the contract law.As an agreement between the two parties and, in particular, spouses, he could be executed at any time during the marriage, in addition, from the date of registration of marriage.Accordingly, it will come into force from the moment of such registration.Terms marriage agreements are not shown anything unusual, all within the limits of contractual relationships.An essential condition of the marriage agreement is a written form of the contract, and notarized.Change and cancellation of the marriage contract can be at any time by agreement of the actors who have affixed their signatures to the contract.In addition, an agreement on amendments to the main contract are made as well as the marriage contract itself.

The contents of the agreement the spouses have a right to write what things are the property of a joint appointment, in addition, a property equity and separate acts.Any such decision may be taken in respect of all property, or individuall

y.Further, it can be divided and things that are active time, or that may arise in the future.Spouses, recognizing that the property is owned by a joint purpose, thus establish that the disposal of the property is carried out jointly.If the spouses establish co-ownership of the property, then this implies certain opportunities: the results of labor and income from the property, which is in the common property of the spouses is distributed evenly over the size of shares of each of the entities.

In addition, shares in proportion and debit transactions are made on the content of the property, as the spouse has the right of acquisition of shares.In this agreement can clearly state and define their responsibilities and competences of the content of each other, mutual-order cost-sharing methods of participation in the profits of spouses to each other, the order of each of them incurring costs on the family.In addition, a prenuptial agreement is valuable precisely because the couple can determine the property which will be used in the sole order.This is an approximate content of the contract.

Also, there are provisions that can not be fixed in the marriage contract as prescribed by law.Thus, the law prohibits an agreement to restrict legal capacity of the spouses.The agreement prohibited indicate on the inadmissibility of one of the parties to work or receive an inheritance.In addition, it is forbidden in the agreement to abandon the appeal to the authorities of the powers of the court to protect their rights and freedoms.

established by the Family Code, the agreement is not a regulator of intangible personal relations of spouses.These relationships include the relationship, not having material content, for example, the choice of names or the place of registration of marriage, the definition of residence and other rights.

marriage contract in today's society is becoming increasingly important.Many people say that the conditions of the marriage contract - a self-interest that exists between spouses.However, the discussion is the question of property as in marriage, and during the course of this transaction, a guarantee of peaceful relations in the event of dissolution of marriage.The marriage contract is subject to termination by the general rules of contract law.For its dissolution need the consent of both spouses.It should be noted that this species to abandon the agreement can not be unilaterally.