Barrel heated shower makes a comfortable holiday cottage

you can relax in the country for a long time, if you set your own souls out there, because its absence is often a reason why people can not remain in the country permanently.This will help you easy-to-use device - barrel with heated shower, it will provide you with exactly the amount of hot water that is needed.

Today, anyone trying to make his dacha is not just beautiful, but also to create all the necessary conditions are there for life.And for the full feeling of comfort in the country must be present barrel with heated shower.After all, keep themselves clean is important to every person, even if he comes to relax for the city.This is especially true in the hot summer.

Barrel shower so beneficial to gardeners that has a low cost.Furthermore, it can not damage the corrosion.Another advantage - ease in use, and in weight.If you wish, you can easily transport it by car.

There are several varieties of this device.Barrel shower heated may have a different amount.You can choose any of them, focusin

g on how long love swimming.There barrels of 50, 120 and 220 liters.The largest tank is usually mounted horizontally, and those that are smaller - vertically.

In most cases, a set of drums for the soul consists of most barrel and its lid, as well as the element that makes the heating outlet and filler tubes.The material for the production of barrels - plastic.In order to avoid melting occurred, the thickness of the plastic should reach 3-4 mm.The cover is made of the same material.Due to the heater temperature of the water is brought to the hot condition and, if desired, can be maintained at this level as long as you take a shower.But you can not worry about how much energy will take the device, ie. A. Power is often no more than 2 kW.Manufacturers want to protect consumers from overvoltage suburban networks, which are already weak.In order to display water is as comfortable as possible, the heating element mounted in the bottom of the drum.

When the barrel with heated shower has appeared you need to start preparing for its installation.First, choose a place where you want to install the barrel.Second, buy the appropriate fasteners, t. To. Complete with a keg, they are not usually sold.Third, you have to think and on how the cold water will flow into the container and where it then (already dirty) will go out.This is a fairly simple manipulations, which can make every person who wants to have a good shower in the country.

And to drum heated shower lasts as long as possible, you must use the device in accordance with the recommendations specified in the instruction manual barrels.This is not just recommended by the manufacturer, but also the specific guidelines that must be followed when using the machine.