Statistics of divorces and statistics of marriages.

divorce statistics says that the leader of their number in Europe is Ukraine.Second and third place, respectively, occupy Russia and Belarus.One reason for such indicators, the experts call an early age of marriage and the birth of their first child.

marriage and divorce statistics says that a thousand inhabitants of Ukraine brought 5, 3 to 7, divorces, marriages, 6.Once these parameters into second place pushed Russia to 5.0 against 6.7 marriages in divorce.The third place of honor given to Belarus with 3.8 versus 4.5 divorces marital relations.Statistics of divorces of other countries that are close to the top three, a little more modest.The most prosperous countries divorce is considered Macedonia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy.

, however, are of great interest in the causes of divorce, many couples who once were crazy in love with each other.According to recent statistics, the main reason for the divorce is called alcoholism or drug addiction of the second half.However, it does

not specify the percentage of men and women.The second reason appears long separation.The top three finishes cause of material distress.It should be noted that cases such as the lack of children in the marriage, the spouses are not particularly concerned.This reason is in the penultimate place.

course, engaging in lawful marriage, each of the participants in the marriage union is trying to imagine life without the hassle and disruption.Some do it with the help of their relatives, who in every way to help the newlyweds in the material and moral sense.But such cases are rare.For the most part, created by a pair of itself builds its way to a brighter future.Statistics of divorces in Russia is also attributed to the cause of a bad separation material support of the family.In a market economy, and stay on the territory of Russia, especially in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčlarge cities, the lack of money can be a problem.Not many couples are able to withstand such a test, hence so many divorces.In addition, the showgirl divorce claims that the absence of an apartment is an indisputable reason for divorce.Living with parents does not couple to the calm and the good life.For some reason, people can not coexist on the same territory.Despite the large number of housing programs, which started in Russia, the problem of housing has remained at the same level as not all may be parties to such programs.In addition, as practice shows, for example, the social mortgage (there is currently such a program for those who need shelter), offers apartments that are not very successful in the location, and in technical equipment.

divorce statistics show that in addition to well-off countries in the field of preservation of the family as well the case in countries with a dominant religion over other legal institutions of the state.It is the country's eastern areas dominated by Islam.It was Islam does not allow so many divorces take place in the eastern countries.Incidentally, it should be noted that not only in eastern countries strictly patches.For example, in the territory of Malta, they are prohibited.

Statistics of divorces in our country says that many young people are in a hurry to get married.The first difficulties, complicated raising a child often leads to divorce.As a general rule, a woman in Russia to marry at the age of 22.As practice shows, this young age.In the same period prosperous Italy varies between 27 - 28 years.