Annulment of marriage.

Marriage is a fact of legal significance, which gives rise to the powers and obligations of the parties.According to the law, which operates in the area of ​​family relations, property, which was acquired by the spouses during their marriage is their common property.Very often, people who register the marriage and has no intention to continue the relationship of marriage nature.In this case, we are talking about the phenomenon of annulment of the marriage.Thus, the marriage may not only be subject to termination, but there may be an invalid marriage.

Act establishes a list of exhaustive grounds on which the court carries out the procedure for annulment of the marriage.One of such reasons can be attributed with certainty a marriage.It is for different reasons and on the basis of various life circumstances.Very often, the parties concluding a marriage, do not pursue any bad goals and hope that they will not touch such a thing as an annulment of the marriage.

way, the action in question on the termi

nation of the marriage is made exclusively by the court.In reaching a decision not in favor of persons entered into a fictitious marriage, judicial body within three days from the day of enactment of enforceable court decision sends a statement to the registrar.It should be understood, and to underline the fact that, unlike the other grounds of invalidity of marriage, which would have talked about the violation of a rule of law in the procedure of entry into the union, oddly enough, but a marriage all the conditions are met.However, there are significant discrepancies between the character and its component form.

Thus, as already mentioned, marriage is used legally and formally pure way, but it is a means to achieve the objectives of which are incompatible with the fundamental objectives of the institution of marriage.Because annulment of the marriage in this case is to take place.Marriage can be recognized as dummy regardless of whether it is for those one or both sides.It should be noted that the existence of the mutual consent of the form for registration of marriage without the purpose of creating a family relationship has no analogy with the condition of marriage, which is provided by law.We are talking about the condition of the voluntary consent of the parties and mutual nature.After consent of the family relationships are not important in itself, but the essence of consensus is that people express the true intention of the properties on the establishment of the family as a social unit.And the consent of people who have become fictitious spouses, does not reflect the will of the parties, which would be true and authentic.In other circumstances, the term marriage of convenience should be limited to cases where one of the parties acted without intent to create a family, and the other side thus erred in good faith.

Act defines a list of persons who have powers of annulment.Such a list of persons is a minor spouse, adult spouse, guardian, the public prosecutor.In addition, the law provides for the cases when their presence eliminates the invalidity of marriage.For example, the judicial authority may recognize the marriage valid if the period of the case to invalidate the marriage bond, lost all the circumstances which prevented his appearance.Also, the court has no right to recognize the illegality of the marriage if the person before the court session, start a family.Relationships that are considered by a judicial authority, if not fictitious, is the relationship of the spouses, who become the joint property or totally care about each other.This is the procedure for annulment of marriage.