Treason husband: how to survive.

Happy family sometimes breaking on a reef relationship as treason.It is believed that such deeds are committed mainly by men because of their polygamous nature.But this is not always the case, women are also capable of betrayal, on the side of a passing fancy, and even they are often smothered by the routine and boredom of family relations.But, of course, they are more likely to fall into this situation, which is conventionally called the "cheating husband how to survive."

primarily affects your self-esteem, because he neglected you and chose another woman.In no case do not need to blame and blame yourself that your partner has gone to the left.Perhaps in your relationship does have some problems, but the responsibility for them, you should share together.Some women are concerned about "how to recognize her husband's infidelity," with no apparent reason.It is not necessary in every action your mate to look for signs of infidelity, because trust - is the main thing, on what the family is built.But if y

ou knew that there was to be a betrayal of her husband, how to survive and forgive her if you have to solve.

First you need to understand whether it is a single case.Anyone can stumble, believe me, even you.It all depends on the situation, state of mind and the atmosphere in the family.Of course, change can not be justified by anything, but if your husband made a mistake once, then you need to listen to yourself.You may be able to forgive him, and eventually learn to trust him again.Of course, such a solution is justified if in your heart there is still more love than the contempt and hatred for the man.

Women who understands her husband's betrayal, how to behave at times just can not understand.They act impulsively and unwisely, arrange scandal, and even then want to just save the family chosen and often he does not want this, feels guilty and thinks there on Sauron, it will be easier and safer.That is why, if you are faced with a situation in life "cheating husband how to survive," first of all, just get yourself together and calm down.

Then you definitely need to leave the house for a while, you can go anywhere, stay with parents or friends.You need to understand yourself and your feelings are not spur of the moment, and clearly understand if you need such a family, and are you able to forgive.Many women, when they learn that there was a betrayal of her husband, how to go through it do not know, but decide to forgive, for the sake of children, for themselves, and so on.But if you can really find the strength to forgive, remember, you do not have the right to never, under any circumstances, even during turbulent scandals remember this unpleasant fact of your marital biography.Simple - it means to release all.If you can not do that, and the wound is too deep, you may want to think about how to live their lives.You do not need to save the family for the sake of the children, if you can not create it normal healthy atmosphere of understanding and trust.

When you are faced with a situation of "the betrayal of her husband, how to survive," leave home for a few days, try to take time only for themselves.You need to sob her grief, do not restrain emotions, cry, swear, cry, get rid of this negativity.Try to change something in your life, image, hairstyle, wardrobe.If you decide to forgive her husband and return to it, try to be the most desirable for him, delicate and beautiful.Rekindle the romance in your relationship.More often were together, listen to each other, perhaps for years of family life you have forgotten about the desires of its halves.

It also happens that a husband leaves the family and betrayal turns out to you something inevitable, a factor that has destroyed your union.In this case, only time will help, love and support of loved ones.We must try to let go of resentment, as it did not hurt, especially if you have children together.They need a father as much as you are.Time will pass and you will again feel the taste of life and acquire the belief that love is.