"Garnier" micellar water: reviews, description, composition, photo

Each representative of the fairer sex tends to always look fresh, attractive and young.And it is based on those desires, the industry of cosmetics every year creates a new means to care for face and body.Many such inventions have become a real revolutionary step in the struggle for youth, but almost all drugs are unchanged components.

Recently, on store shelves is back micellar water, while it began to use very much in demand.This cosmetic for skin care produce many famous brands of the beauty industry.But many girls and women face a number of questions about how to properly use it, to whom it is suitable and who does not.In this article we will try to deal with the main issues and to understand the main purpose of this tool.

History of micellar water

For many, France is a symbol of beauty and fashion, and in this country for the first time began to be used micellar water.It should be noted that initially, this cosmetic product was designed for babies and toddlers, critically ill and people with


However, after some time, many international companies for the production of products for skin care are interested in this discovery and began to produce it have on the overall beauty market.One of the leaders in the manufacture and marketing of cosmetic products for senior and middle-class French company takes "Garnier".Micellar water has absolutely contradictory responses: someone she comes, and someone - no.But most inclined to think that these products can be considered as quite unique among quality in this price segment.

company has developed tools for sensitive, allergy-prone skin and oily, thus making their products more popular among consumers.

micellar water, or a micellar lotion, and at home, many call it cosmetic mitsellyarkoy, got its name from the microscopic droplets, which comprises esters of fatty acids - micelle (Latin for "mica", ie, "grain", "baby ").When these drops are connected with each other, they easily absorb different types of skin contamination - from make-up and dust to the dead cells.

What is micellar water and what is its composition?

Many girls think about the question: "micellar water (" Garnier ") - what is it?".Cosmetic product intended for gentle and delicate makeup removal from the skin of the face, as well as cleansing from dirt.In contrast to the tonic or milk, it does not cause allergic reactions and is suitable for the most sensitive skin.In addition, the cosmetic is not only deep cleans, but also moisturizes.When a person adversely affected by the sun and dust in the hot season micellar water refreshes the skin ("Garnier"), the composition of which does not include alcohol, soap and other skin irritants or terrestrial components.This means basically use models and actors, because they often need to change the make-up or update it just a couple of minutes.

micellar water does not have any smell or color, the manufacturer produces in bottles rather large volume.It is worth noting that this bottle is convenient to take with you on holiday or a business trip.Many of our compatriots prefer to use the products of the French company "Garnier".Micellar water has different responses: someone she comes, and someone - no.

Positive properties

• High-quality and quick removal of makeup, does not require the friction with the skin, eyes and lips.

• Removal of small dirt, deep cleansing of the skin.It's worth noting that the micellar water penetrates into the very depths of the pores and prevents blackheads.

• Gives the face freshness, moisturizes and tones it.

• odor and color.

• Do not cause allergic reactions.

• Do not irritate the skin because it has a neutral composition.

• Suitable for many skin types, mainly for sensitive or problematic.

• It does not need an additional rinse, leaves no traces or divorces.

What are the disadvantages of micellar water

Despite the large number of positive properties, micellar water ("Garnier") has negative reviews, which are mainly associated with the following disadvantages:

• The facial skin may acquire a small greasy shine.

• Sometimes there is a sensation of dryness or contraction covers.

• Very often, the skin becomes unpleasantly sticky.

• If micellar water enters the eye, begins plucking.

• Happen cases of allergic reactions to the additional components.

Features of funds

certain conditions and situations that can be used micellar water ("Garnier"), no.It depends on the wishes of the man himself.The French cosmetics company to worry about that their products were easy to use on the road, releasing it in a convenient volumetric flask.For example, many of us travel on trains, where problems occur with the removal of makeup at least because fully wash my face on the road is difficult.Using wet wipes will give your skin the necessary feeling of freshness and purity, which gives micellar water.

Or if you visit fitness club or gym, then after intensive training generally make up loses its appearance.In this situation, you can use the beauty products company "Garnier".Micellar water has the following reviews: some are unhappy that these products are hard to wash off make-up with eyelashes and sometimes does not help with the removal of waterproof mascara.

In addition, you should pay attention that this is a cosmetic for skin care has certain limitations.For girls and women with skin prone to fat content, this tool is not recommended, because it can give instead of the expected freshness, cleanliness and ease of feeling invisible film.That is why the brand "Garnier" has developed and produced a special series of micellar water for oily sheets.But the owner is dry or normal skin can use this cosmetic without any restrictions.

When buying any cosmetic products must take into account the recommendations of "Garnier".Micellar water description is on the reverse side of the vial.It describes the composition and provides advice on the use of funds to avoid unpleasant moments or situations, such as difficulties in removing makeup, or an allergic reaction to the additional components.It is worth paying attention to the composition, as in many lotions added herbal extracts, which can lead to poor health and the appearance of irritation on the skin.

How to use micellar water from "Garnier"

Remedy Garnier "micellar water" 3 in 1 "is perfect for removing makeup and cleanse the skin. Its distinct advantage compared to tonic or soap - the ability to put on hypersensitive skin aroundeyes.

use this cosmetic product is quite simple. It should be on a cotton pad, apply a small amount of micellar water and gently rub the skin, it is better to do it massaged. Cleaning the area around the eyes, you need to follow the following principles: on the upper eyelid wipe from front totemple, and the bottom - in the opposite direction, ie from the temple to the nose.

This tool is not necessary to wash off, although many beauticians recommend yet to wash, to avoid any sensation of stickiness or tightness. To do this, simply rinse the face usually slightly coolwater.

Please note that micellar water does not remove waterproof makeup.

micellar water for oily and problematic skin

Garnier French cosmetics company recently developed a new micellar water "Clean skin", which has a matte effect and is suitable for daily use.This tool is designed for women and girls having problem and oily, sensitive skin.

This micellar water "Garnier" has a soft and effective formula that perfectly cleans effortlessly, which is especially important when the skin has disadvantages.After using this lotion it acquires haze and purity.

This cosmetic product has four basic steps:

• Deep cleans the pores of the skin.
• Removes make-up from the face, eyes and lips.
• Gives matte effect.
• Grappling with disabilities.

micelles are the foundation of this unique formula.What is a micelle?They are particles that effectively and gently absorb any impurities that are on the face, and keep them in yourself.They are easily removed using a conventional cotton pad.It is worth noting that the micelles can capture makeup, skin oil, dust and other contaminants.

Cosmetic means "pure skin" soft enough and allows gently cleanses the face, even in the eyes.As part of the micellar water for oily and problem skin no parabens or fragrances.Ophthalmic and passed dermatological control tool for skin care from "Garnier" - micellar water.Reviews of new products are positive, as the manufacturer took care of all skin types, while maintaining quality and affordable pricing.In addition, the tool is sold in convenient bottles that are designed around two hundred performances.

micellar water "Express-lotion" 2 in 1 "

the first time on the market of cosmetic products appeared most effective makeup remover that is at the same time protects the structure of the eyelashes. The development is owned by the French company" Garnier ". Micellar water" Express-lotion "2 in 1 "restores the eyelashes and makes them stronger due to the arginine that enters into its composition.This component is a beneficial effect on the eyelashes, feeding them with the necessary materials and strengthening.The result is evident in just a four weeks from the start of use.Lashes are stronger, healthier, thicker, almost falling out while removing makeup.

addition, micellar water "Express-lotion" 2 in 1 "copes with the removal of waterproof cosmetics, such as mascara. The effect is immediate, without any effort, without forms an oily film. Micellar water Garnier reviews has excellentvirtually every wearer effect of arginine, eyelashes become stronger and fluffy. In addition, the "Express-lotion" 2 in 1 "easily copes with waterproof mascara on the brands.

appearance and volume of micellar water from "Garnier"

French brand draws its products in the same style, but each type of micellar water has its own color and the volume of the bottle.For example, the purple-and-white bottle of 125 milliliters - a lotion "2 in 1" micellar water "(" Garnier "). Photos of some means can be found in the article.

micellar water for oily and problem skin" pure skin "has a bluish bottle, but the pink packaging - a tool for Sensitive Skin "3 in 1" ("Garnier"). micellar water (400 milliliters - a standard amount) can be adjusted for all types of skin. It is worth noting that sometimes in a review express wishesabout the release of this product to a lesser extent, to make it easier to put it in the makeup before you travel. So perhaps, in the near future, the manufacturer will take into account this desire of consumers and on the shelves will vials of different sizes.

reviews micellar water from the Frenchbrand "Garnier"

Most modern people to purchase some goods Always read reviews from other users, so you can find out whether it will suit the product or not.However, it is worth considering the following: Unlike household appliances cosmetics can be perfectly located, while others may experience an allergic reaction or other side effects.Therefore, before applying you should carefully study the composition tools and recommendations specified on the bottle

When conducting a survey among users of the product of the French company Garnier micellar water "3in1" reviews was different, but mostly positive.

Basically wearer recognized the perfect combination of price and quality.In addition, the lotion gives a feeling of freshness, the majority does not cause any discomfort, such as dryness, irritation or allergic response, and the sticky feeling of the film on the face.Many said that the makeup cosmetic product removes not as fast as had been promised in the advertisement.The process takes time, about the same as using any other means.

Some people like the fact that micellar water "3 in 1" has no smell and color.Some of the fair sex, as noted above, expressed the wish that the manufacturers to produce products in different volumes, because sometimes the road more convenient to take a small package, and said that because of the large hole in the bottle falls considerably more waste product,than necessary.

micellar water "Garnier" has negative reviews, although they are fewer.Some respondents of the fair sex after using this cosmetic product had the feeling of dryness and tightness, present eye irritation, and in some there is a feeling sticky greasy film on the skin.

Micellar water - a great option for women with active lifestyles.Careful skin care and deep cleaning pores and facial moisture saturation - all this provides the products of the famous brand "Garnier".Micellar water may have different ratings.The main thing that means you are fit and suited for all parameters.