Sulfur soap "Neva Cosmetics": reviews and evaluations

interesting question for exhausted from acne adolescents and their parents: "Do you know that a substance with an unpleasant odor, dry ignited by friction, for centuries considered a major component of health and beauty?"

Now - Useful Information: among the prescriptions of Avicenna and other ancient healers found set with the use of sulfur.And they treated it not that anyhow, and various rashes, skin ulcers, eczema, psoriasis.

To return to skin a healthy appearance, to delve into the ancient recipes is not necessary to cook and old drugs - as well.It is enough to spend just twenty, and you will be in the hands of the most that neither is a miracle potion brewed by professionals and compressed into a neat brusochek - sulfur soap "Neva Cosmetics", reviews of which triggered any effective campaign.

What do they say?

a cheap and simple tool can easily outdo most eminent, branded and expensive.Why is that?Manufacturers of low-cost personal care products aim to bring maximum benefit to people, manuf

acturers of luxury - once again pushing the brand and get their huge profits.

Our customers the "focus" and immediately saw through steel patriotic support domestic producers, buying sulfur soap "Neva Cosmetics."Reviews this unpretentious Cosmetics - 100 positive out of 100. The absolute record!

What is so captivated budget soap representatives not only of teenage brothers, tired of the eternal struggle with pimples, but also representatives of other age groups?

turned out, this soap is universal.It can help you overcome a lot of problems of unsightly appearance.


addition sulfur soap that does its cleansing function, excellent foaming and gently lying on the skin, it is also antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic.So soon you'll find it at the pharmacy than in a beauty shop.

has similar properties and tar soap "Neva Cosmetics", but it has more pronounced odor of the main component - tar.If this time does not scare the tar can be used for the same purpose: to get rid of the rash, to give the skin elasticity and radiance.

How to cure acne, washing up?

Brimstone soap "Neva Cosmetics", reviews of which make him pay attention to even the most spoiled expensive means young people, designed to deep clean pores.

It's a truism: the problem on the outside of the epidermis begin to show when something is wrong inside.

As there might be wrong?Skin nothing corny "breathe" because of the dust and grease that created traffic jams in the pores.At deficiency of oxygen in the presence of dirt in the skin inflammatory process begins as redness and pustules.

To avoid such trouble on your own face, you must learn the rules of washing, one of which states that only a deep cleansing is capable rid of acne.A deep - this means using sulfur soap.


analysis experts and ordinary consumers has shown that this type of sanitizer from this manufacturer is popular at 85% of Russian and 97% of Saint-Petersburg.Overall rating that is assigned to consumers soap - 4.8 points out of a possible five.

But do not forget that sulfur soap "Neva Cosmetics", reviews which generally wonderful, has a number of contraindications.It can not be used:

  • during pregnancy (even during its planning), during lactation;
  • open wounds;
  • at sunburn;
  • in all kinds of skin irritations, eczema, diseases of diabetes.

Experts recommend to avoid contact with suds in the eyes, mouth, nose and genitals.

When washing children up to two years, parents-sulfur soap fans need to exercise extreme caution.Although the kids is better to use a baby soap "Neva Cosmetics."

And the rest - the soap is almost flawless.It assumes the function and therapeutic, and preventive and anti-aging (sulfur is actively involved in the production of collagen).But the main thing - the price!So much good for twenty rubles!