Face cream "L'Oreal" - gentle and effective care

Face Cream "Loreal" helps to make the skin more attractive, young and healthy.Women of any age can choose the tool that will best meet the needs of the skin.

Select "Loreal»

Brand "Loreal" has been known for almost 100 years.Initially, under this name were produced ink and means for hair care.Over time, the range expanded, customers were offered a cosmetic care products for face and body:

  • tonics and lotions;
  • caring and corrective creams;
  • masks and serums;
  • serum and balms;
  • shower gels and scrubs.

can enumerate endlessly, so rich selection of products.A special place among the variety of cosmetics takes cream."L'Oreal" with special care to develop new products to surprise women their excellent quality and high efficiency.

Benefits "Loreal»

  • high level of product quality.
  • opportunity to choose funds based on age and skin type.
  • effective care.

Action creams

Each agent has special properties, but you can select the main action, which have L`Oreal creams on the skin:

  • Moisturize.The required moisture preserved skin cells thanks to hyaluronic acid.
  • elasticity.Face Cream "Loreal" contains collagen.This element produced by the body begins to age in an insufficient amount, which causes wrinkles.To solve this problem, beauticians started adding collagen in cosmetics.
  • lift.Age creams contain proksilan, which is responsible for skin tightening and smoothing wrinkles.
  • complexion.Beautiful smooth skin tone is maintained by the active removal of toxins from the cells.

This is the main action, which has a face cream "L'Oreal".Reviews suggest that after a few applications, the skin is significantly improved.Very popular new items of concern L`Oreal, they are worth mentioning separately.

The "Trio Go»

all means to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, make the skin healthy and elastic.The products can be divided into several groups:

  1. Full-time cleansing and moisturizing.This group includes renewing scrub.Its main task is to mild exfoliation.To cleanse the proposed two products in the form of milk, "Balancing" and "Comfort" - at a price of 140-160 rubles.For each type of person you can pick up your vehicle.The gel-mousse will give a feeling of freshness and comfort.Tonics help remove dirt and increase the protective properties of the skin.For day care is offered cream "L'Oreal" for normal and combination skin types, dry and sensitive.Such means are no more than 200 rubles.
  2. creams, caring for the skin around the eyes.To remove eye make-up, you can choose a soft tool that gently removes makeup, its price - 140-150 rubles.You can use the women who wear contact lenses.Remove resistant makeup with eyes and lips simply by using the two-phase agent which leaves no greasy residue.And wipes are suitable for all skin types.
  3. Day Care.Corporation "Loreal" Cream "Go Trio" Night has developed to saturate the skin important elements.The tool has a nourishing and moisturizing properties.Actively working on cells, it restores and refreshes skin.Cost - 200 rubles.

packages of cosmetics for dry and sensitive skin are made in pink, and for oily and combination - in green.So it will be difficult to mix.

series "Luxury Food»

Exquisite composition means to effectively care for and nourish the skin.


  • Royal jelly.The content of 28 important substances makes it a real elixir of youth.The presence of lipids and proteins in bee royal jelly can be used for the production of this component is highly effective cosmetics.
  • oils.This is the main power supply of the skin.They give a soft and silky.
  • complex "Pro-Calcium."It contains vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain health and youthful skin.Complex restores the cells and gets rid of wrinkles.

included in this series of the following products from "Loreal": cream "luxury food" for the night and for the day care and the means to care for the skin around the eyes.Buy these products can be for 350-370 rubles each.

face cream "L'Oreal": reviews

bulk buyers favorably responds product group L`Oreal, justified this excellent quality and high efficiency.The skin after application becomes silky, moisturized and radiant health.

lot of feedback from people who have skin prone to irritation.They claim that after using the product of a series of "luxury food" is no longer the skin to peel off, and has acquired a healthy appearance.

not easy to choose the means of care for women who use contact lenses.Delicate products of the "Trio Active" solved the problem of irritation of the eye.Funds are even suitable for people prone to allergies.

appearance of wrinkles is always unpleasant for a woman of any age.According to customer reviews, cosmetics from "Loreal" that effectively prevents skin aging.

best selling product from "Loreal" - cream.Price, quality and the result is pleasing to buyers.It's so nice when the facial skin looks well-groomed and illuminated health.