How breast milk can be stored in the refrigerator, and how to do it

If you are a mother, the mother's milk to ensure the child is your direct responsibility, as it is - perfect food for your baby.Although it is a perishable product, but keep it pretty simple, if you follow some rules.

How breast milk can be stored in the refrigerator and in what capacity do this

course, milk must be stored in a sealed container.To do this, perfectly suited disposable plastic bags and containers.They come in two forms, and each of them has both advantages and disadvantages:

  • soft containers (plastic bags);
  • rigid containers made of plastic or glass.

disposable plastic bags is very easy to store, but to feed the crumbs, milk has to pour into a bottle.The great advantage of such packages is that they can be frozen and compactly distributed in the freezer.Also, they often signed as breast milk can be stored in the refrigerator.They are better able to cope with the protection of the components of milk.And since the majority of manufacturers of specialized bags and the rest of t

he children's products, some models can be directly connected to your breast pump.

Hard plastic or glass containers can also be directly connected to the breast pump.They can be frozen as well as plastic bags, but only if one knows how the breast milk may be stored in a refrigerator.Of course, they take up much more space than packages, but they have other advantages.When using a plastic or glass container milk does not have anywhere to pour, cook and boil for another bowl.Just change the cover on a pacifier and give the baby food warmed.

Milk storage

How breast milk can be stored in the refrigerator?This question is given every three breast-feeding mother.Below is a table which clearly shows how much you can store breast milk in the refrigerator, at room temperature and in the freezer.Print it, hang on the refrigerator, and do not forget to sign on the container the date of freezing.

best ways to heat milk

Excessive heat and boil ruining dairy enzymes, immune properties, and other valuable and very important components.Therefore, you need to warm the milk properly.Follow these rules, so he would not hurt:

  • Defrost the milk through the "water bath".To do this, simply leave the container in a bowl of warm water until it itself is thawed and inflame to the desired temperature.
  • Do not heat the milk on the stove.So you can easily overheat it, and accidentally boil
  • Do not heat this valuable product in the microwave.Even if you think that it is the optimum temperature inside may be "hot spots" where it overheated and became useless.Moreover, it is not necessary to give a baby milk as "microwave" heats evenly and not a pipsqueak can get burned.

Storage of milk on terms

What kept milk at room temperature

Up to 20 hours

the room in hot weather

From 3 to 5 hours

how much you can store your milk in the fridge

up to 1 week

in the freezer

Up to 7-18 months

  • human milk, like any othermilk, not extending treatment, tends to delaminate, and before you can be such a picture: the cream on top, and the bottom is practically water.Panicking in this case is not worth it, just shake the container.