Massage newborn: master the basic principles

Massage love all people, because this procedure does not only have a positive effect on the body, but also very rewarding.Kids also like the gentle touch of his mother's hands.

pediatricians and child psychologists believe that massage must be accompanied by smiles and gentle conversation.If the communication with my mother not only includes cooing, stroking and petting - this is great, because the baby is so natural to learn the whole world through tactile sensations.

in very young children is still not very developed as auditory and visual analyzers, but the perception of the skin is already fully formed.Therefore, to massage the newborn is certainly useful.This procedure stimulates the development of speech, sensory perception, physical development and attention.

How to massage your newborn, tell an experienced specialist.

If the kid was ill, spleen, or simply not in the mood, it is not necessary to do this procedure.It is better to postpone job.

begin to massage the newborn is recommended

to two to three weeks.Any gymnastic exercises should be done when the baby is hungry, but after a meal should take at least an hour.

How to newborn massage: instructions for Mom

Try to make the crumb massage was pleasant pastime.Exercises done in a well-ventilated room.There should not be cold, because the baby will be naked.Mother's hands must also be warm.After the procedure, put the baby in clean clothes.Immediately after the massage can not go for a walk.Before you begin gently talk with your baby, look in your eyes, adjust the contact with him.For massage is best to choose a changing table, so my mom will not have to bend and strain your back.Not for a second do not leave your child unattended, it may fall, even if it is not able to roll over.You go around the area of ​​elbow and knee joints, mammary glands and sexual organs, the liver, the inner sides of legs and arms.Be especially careful with the loin crumbs.

simple movements

Thus, we begin to massage the newborn.Put the baby on the back of the legs to you.All exercises are performed 5-8 times should start with 2-3 reps.

  1. Start by stroking pens.Put your finger in the baby palm, he reflexively take him.Stroking the outer side of the handle to the shoulder, palm and fingers crumbs.
  2. Massaging feet should also be on the outside of the foot to the thigh, bypassing the kneecap.
  3. Gently, but with a little pressure, massage the baby's foot, it helps strengthen them.
  4. Draw your thumb "eight" on the foot of the baby.
  5. Stroke pyatochku - child spread his fingers.Gently press the pad under the toes - baby reflexively "compress" them.
  6. Stroke baby belly palm, first clockwise, does not affect the genital area and the liver.
  7. Put palm child under poyasnichku simultaneous movements and strokes.Hands with the connect below the navel.
  8. To strengthen the umbilical ring can ponazhimat two fingers around the recess.
  9. Turn the baby on his tummy.Gently stroking the back from the waist to the armpits and neck to waist, from the center to the sides.Also, the back can be massaged in a circular motion.
  10. Do not forget about stroking the buttocks.
  11. Again massage the outside of the legs, bend and unbend them and plant in hand.
  12. Place the crumbs on the flank and with light pressure swipe middle and index fingers on both sides along the spine - the kid back sag.Do the same thing, turning the child on the other flank.

Do not try to immediately perform a full range of massage from start to finish, crumbs accustom to it gradually.

makes regular massage newborn, talk to him, pay him his affectionate look - and then your child will grow up healthy, happy and developed.