How to live, if the wife has left

It would seem that the poor can happen when two people love each other, and simply do not trust the present life apart?People meet, then get married, plan their future life, dreaming to age together somewhere in a cozy cottage on the beach.But, unfortunately, it often happens that the couple parted suddenly, seemingly no apparent reason.Suddenly one evening, his wife reported that he was leaving.She just had enough, and she wants to change, so goes the other.That's all the explanation.

«And what about the dreams of a happy future, raising money for a car and a trip to Thailand?After all, it is planned in a month! "- In mind a swarm of thoughts and questions, but as a rule, all of them unanswered.Most of the abandoned husband believes that if the wife had left, they are - losers, but believe me, it is not so.Very losing a loved one is very difficult.All as the sun shines, the wind blows, go somewhere on business motorists in the yard screams fun kids, and loved there.Just yesterday she was, and now his

wife has gone to the other and there is no peace in my heart.

Stop!It is on this note, it's time to stop the lyrical melancholy, self-flagellation and countless rhetorical questions.Enough!It is necessary to "pull myself together" (because the limbs are, and what could be more beautiful?) And move on!Even if his wife left him for another, you need to take it for granted, and to rebuild their lives in a way that does not have time for stupid thoughts.

important to carefully plan your schedule.At work hung projects?It's time to dive into them with his head.Stay overtime, take work home, the main thing - to paint the day by the minute, to come home, I just take a shower and go to bed.

also need to work out, if you have not had.Join a sports club and regularly go.Not only is the shape and improve muscles pumped up, so more and confidence is added, and then the girls start to glance curiously.

great way to relieve stress is nature.And actually it means at any time of the year.In winter - skiing, snowboarding, skating, summer - the river, kayaking, fragrant barbecue.There will be a lot of options, how to diversify leisure time and think more about something other than the fact that his wife left and lost the meaning of life ..

Do not forget about your friends, but not those who offer "drown sorrows in a glass"because the wife left, and really help you get out of the quagmire.Meet with them, go to the premiere, soccer, combat sports.

good idea to find yourself some hobbies.Maybe it will be a photo, or cooking, or maybe the regular trips to the bath with the mass treatments.You can combine all this and - most importantly, fully load themselves with work, chores, activities, and rare moments of rest.

Or maybe you always wanted real fighting breed of dog and beloved was against?Well, the cards in your hand, because if wife left , and now no restrictions!Can the dog and cat and the canary with fish!Try to look at the situation from a different angle - now you do not owe anything to anyone!

basic rule - it prohibit myself to think about how well you were married, and now his wife and threw the world turned upside down.This theme - a taboo!

Over time, the pain will subside, settle down, it becomes easier.There will come a calm and understanding that there is a willingness and desire to build a new love.But up to this point it is very far away and only the labor and hard work will help him get closer.

Remember to relax and let a sad thought beat very easily, much more difficult to "pull yourself together" and say to yourself: "I will not limp!I - a strong man!I can handle and I will be happy! ".It is the strength is not for everyone, but it is necessary to overcome the difficult period, and will learn to forgive people, then life will sparkle with new colors.