The best holidays for parents - the first days of the child's birth!

More recently, you held a small lump in her arms, still fresh in the memories of pregnancy and childbirth, your baby only yesterday was helpless newborn, and now - restless toddler.Soon he will be a year - an important date in the life of the parents and the child.The first days of the child's birth - the most memorable and the most important.Of course, before Mom and Dad raises a reasonable question: "How original note a year child?" What to do to the baby not too overworked and tired at the festival?

worth to think of ways the celebration.As a rule, a happy mom is thinking about the future of the event a few months before its occurrence.And rightly so, because in this case many nuances, and parents need to take into account all the problems that may arise.

So you need to decide who to invite to the first birthday of the child, who will be the guest of honor.Of course, children's party is complete without children.But if your baby is too small, it marks just one year old, it is better to call one

or two brood of his age.Because adults need to invite only the closest relatives and friends, godparents of the child.

first day of the birth, tradition

There are many different scenarios, how to spend godovasie.Many of them have already become traditional.Of course, the apartment must be beautifully and originally decorated by the day "X", to feel the atmosphere of the birthday celebration.Although wee are still too small, in the first days of the child's birth are relevant balloons, flags, candles with the number "1" garland "Happy Birthday!", The wall newspaper with photos of the baby from birth up to a year.

All this can be bought in children's boutiques and specialty stores, but you can show imagination and come up with the most unusual design of the apartment.Try to decorate the front door, while the guests invited to the celebration immediately see where he lives birthday, and it will create a festive mood.

How can dispense celebrating the first birthday of the child without a large, delicious and beautiful cake?Confectionery nowadays offer a wide selection of birthday cakes.You can do it on the order of the numbers "1" or some cartoon character.

In the first days of the child's birth are relevant children's competitions.The most popular are:

1. ¬ęDaisy".On paper daisy petals written questions related to the baby.For example, these:

  • What weight and height baby was born?
  • Which favorite toy for bathing the baby?
  • What most likes to eat the birthday boy?

Who will answer all the questions correctly and collect the largest number of petals, and he won.

2. ¬ęGuess the taste."Guests blindfolded child try mashed pots and try to guess what it tastes.For the contest selected puree of several components.

3. View video.In the first days of the child's birth will offer guests will watch a video made up of photos and fragments from birth to one year.

on children's holiday you can think of a lot of interesting contests.One has only to turn on your imagination and the imagination!