Making the walls in kindergarten: Rainbow Group

Neverland of childhood ... It is only when we are the people of this small country, the sky - the blue and raspberry - the sweetest, pencils - very colorful and winter storm - the worst.In many ways, we are all obliged to kindergarten: best friends, interesting toys.High ceilings, large windows and light pouring from everywhere and now could cause an overwhelming desire to stay here.And the kiddies do not need much: a couple of characters (of course, the positive!), Favorite books, and cartoons - and happy toddler.And who does not want to wake up with Matroskin or Cheburashka, smiling from the wall?In this article, educators and young parents will be able to learn what it takes to design the walls in kindergarten (or in the children's room).What nuances should be considered?

Proper wall decoration in kindergarten - a panacea?

First you need to understand a very important detail: what kind of wallpaper or paint color you choose will depend on the child's psycho-emotional stress.Will the children a g

ood boy or daredevils, depends largely on the kind of character and education.But to make them more obedient, calm, kind or active can help chromotherapy - treatment of color.Of course, we should not consider this method a "golden pill" - a wall decoration in kindergarten, color painting not do everything at once.This is primarily the work of teachers, through the prism of the mind that the child will receive the impulses of colors.

wall decoration in kindergarten: Every hunter wants to know ...

So, let's find out the impact of a child or another color.Making the walls of the kindergarten (photo below) can be very different.It is not necessary to duplicate one motive in all rooms.Making the walls of the kindergarten groups, too, can even be different: for the little one shade and one pattern, and for older kids - the other, and the other characters.However, about the characters will be discussed later, but now - chromotherapy.

first color spectrum - Red.It is the color leader, leader, very confident of strong-willed personality.Surrounded by red child will seek to take the first place in everything.Often he would go so far as it is using the inexhaustible supply of energy and intelligence.However, there is a dark side of the powerful energy colors.With an excess of such companies will reign in the heavy atmosphere, children can become aggressive and irritable, which is highly undesirable in such a tender age.

Orange - the color is very positive.It will encourage and add energy, boost mood and arouse the desire to eat.The same applies Yellow: unimet sadness and calm.But Green balances and helps the child to grow large.However, do not overdo it: it can dull the intuition and imagination.Shades of blue soothe and refresh, relieve fatigue, give a sense of the team, but may also greatly slow down the action.Purple - the most mysterious color of the rainbow.It helps kiddies to develop intuition, imagination, but an excess of it will lead to apathy and boredom.Taking into account these recommendations, parents can also choose the clothes for your child.

good man or a villain?

choosing design space in kindergarten, you must take into account the interests of the children.It is not necessary that the drawing was just a cartoon characters - sun, flowers, small animals, dwarves and elves will also be pleasing to the eye.The main ornament or pattern should not cause discomfort, wallpaper can not be tasteless or ruffle.If you chose the favorite heroes of fairy tales, draw the kindest, most responsive, that they may be an example for the children.In addition, you can come up with new stories for old characters.Let your children will be happiest!